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Mr. T Ain’t Got No Time For Jibba Jabba, Makes Time For Jury Duty

Mr. T

I pity the criminals today.

Lawrence Tureaud, better known as Mr. T, in comments made outside the Third Municipal District Courthouse in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, where he’d been called for jury duty.

(Keep reading to find out how dedicated Mr. T is to performing his civic duty, and for some entertaining video coverage from his jury duty stint.)

When asked if he’d ever considered “playing hooky” from jury duty, Mr. T issued an emphatic “no”:

“That’s not my style,” said the former bodyguard-turned-actor, who expressed respect for law enforcement and the judicial system. “I’ve got to set an example. I understand my responsibility. I told the judge: I’ll do my best to never let you down.”

Here’s some footage from Mr. T’s time spent at court, where fans flocked to him in droves:

A good name is worth more than gold, so like Mr. T, we pity the fools who don’t show up for jury duty.

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