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The Grooming Goods You Need to Make Partner

Watch as our editors give a sneak peek of what you could get in this month’s box from the set of SUITS!

Proper hair pomade might be the only thing standing between you and the promotion you deserve. If we’ve learned anything from USA’s hit series SUITS’ Mike Ross, it’s that succeeding at a high-powered firm is more about looking the part than, say, actually earning a law degree. Being a genius helps too, of course, but even if you make all the right moves, you’ll still need a polished look if you want to make partner someday.

The best way to get cleaned up like the stylish lawyers on SUITS is to try all the best stuff on the market. Join Birchbox Man for $20 a month and you’ll get customized shipments of the best grooming and lifestyle gear—everything from hair care and shaving supplies to style accessories and tech gadgets. Join by June 30th and you’ll receive the limited edition SUITS box, with supplies inspired by the impeccably-dressed lawyers on the show.

Once you’ve signed up and filled out your personal profile, you can head over to Birchbox Man’s online magazine where you’ll find article and video tutorials on how to look sharp, interviews with tastemakers, and much more. You can pick up full-size versions of anything you like in the Birchbox Shop and earn points with every purchase.