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Morning Docket: 03.05.15

Woo, Biglaw! I got an offer, bro!

Woo, Biglaw! I got an offer, bro!

* According to the latest data from NALP, summer associate hiring is up for the fifth year in a row. Hooray! But wait, don’t go licking each other’s popsicles just yet — some law firms (35 percent of them, in fact) actually reduced the number of offers they made. [National Law Journal]

* In response to outcry over bar exam reforms, this Dechert partner took time out of his day to wonder: “Is it too much to expect that future lawyers know the difference between a tort and a tenancy in common, or do we expect clients to pay them $400 an hour to learn it?” [Wall Street Journal]


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Non-Sequiturs: 03.04.15

iStock-Unfinished-Business-5* A Tampa law firm replaced its regular desks to make happier and healthier lawyers. I’d never heard of a tread desk, but I want one. [Bay News 9]

* Prosecutors eviscerated after court finds out that they straight falsified the transcript of a confession. That’s bold. [Observer]

* How can schools keep top faculty? Giving them less to do of course! [TaxProf Blog]


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