They see the future -- and it frightens them.

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More Bad News For Biglaw Associates?

But maybe this is the wave of the future? Read more »
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    A Reader’s Guide to Above the Law

    A new website, like Above the Law, can take some getting used to. And we’re still working out various glitches and kinks. Please bear with us, and please give us your feedback about any problems you encounter; it’s very helpful. (And yes, we are considering a font overhaul. If you have views on that subject, […]

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    Skaddenfreude: An Amendment

    In light of the recent debut of Skaddenfreude, ATL’s column chronicling attorney compensation, it’s a neat coincidence that the New York Times has an entire article discussing compensation for first-year associates at major law firms. We’ll get to that article in just a second. First, though, a brief amendment to our prior Skaddenfreude request. We […]

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    Morning Docket: 09.01.06

    * A juror in the Vioxx case that resulted in a $32 million verdict against Merck took interest-free loans from the plaintiff in the case. Hmm… [Associated Press] * Another dispatch from ConflictsLand: McKesson wants Duane Morris disqualified from representing two Georgia residents against a McKesson sub. [Fulton County Daily Report] * We were only […]

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    ERISA Hotties: An Update

    Oh ye of little faith! When we announced Above the Law’s ERISA Hotties contest, some of you expressed serious doubts. There was some skepticism, even snickering. Hot pension lawyers? How many of them could there be? Truth be told, even we had some concern. It was reflected in the footnote to our original post: We […]

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