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In-House Counsel

How Much Money Can You Make In-House?

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket: 09.13.06

    * Hey, what’s going on in the HP leak investigation scandal? Quite a lot, actually. Here’s a good linkwrap for you. [WSJ Law Blog] * “Girls Gone Wild”? Uh, not anymore. Make that “Women Gone Wild” — women over 18, thank you very much. [Los Angeles Times] * Republican Senators and the Bush Administration talk […]

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  • Eyes of the Law, Fashion, Harriet Miers, White House Counsel

    The Eyes of the Law: Harriet Miers Gets a Wardrobe Upgrade

    Harriet Ellan Miers — remember her? President Bush’s White House Counsel, who was the subject of an ill-fated, and quickly withdrawn, Supreme Court nomination? When Harriet Miers was thrust into the public spotlight as a SCOTUS nominee, her personal style was placed under scrutiny. People made fun of her hair and her make-up. And her […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 09.12.06

    * As we noted earlier, it’s clerking hiring season. Wondering where to find out all the latest hiring news? Have we got a site for you! [Clerkship Notification Blog] * Criminal defense big shot Eddie Hayes is “just like us” — he adores women’s shoes. [WSJ Law Blog] * It’s one of our favorite new […]

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  • Bruce Kovner, Money, Nauseating Things, Rachel Kovner, Supreme Court Clerks

    Definitive Proof that Life Isn’t Fair

    As we reported earlier today, Rachel Kovner — a.k.a. “the Empress of Palo Alto” — just landed herself an October 2007 Supreme Court clerkship, with judicial icon Antonin Scalia. It’s a well-known fact that Justice Scalia doesn’t hire women often. But when the woman in question is (1) a staunch conservative with (2) the highest […]

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  • Contests, ERISA, Hotties

    ERISA Hotties: A Note on the Voting

    Only a few hours are left for you to vote in our ERISA Hotties Contest. Per our prior announcement, the voting will end at 1 p.m. today. Click here to vote on the men, and here to vote on the women (if you haven’t done so already). A number of you have emailed us to […]

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  • 9th Circuit, Dick Grasso, Federal Circuit, Harvard, Money, Morning Docket, NYSE, Perverts

    Morning Docket: 09.12.06

    * Justice Department lawyers have lost their Federal Circuit appeal in their long-running class action suit for overtime pay. Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be DOJ attorneys. [Washington Post] * The Ninth Circuit has ruled against a freelance journalist and blogger who refused to testify to a grand jury or turn over […]

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  • 9/11, HP, Non-Sequiturs, Sandra Day O'Connor

    Non-Sequiturs: 9.11.06

    * Law professors remember 9/11. [TaxProf Blog] * Heh, now we know what the law clerk to retired Justice O’Connor will be working on. [SCOTUSblog] * HP and Wilson Sonsini: in bed together? [WSJ Law Blog] * But enough about you; let’s talk about us. [FishBowl DC]

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  • Federal Judges, Judicial Reports, State Judges

    Judicial Reports: More Eyes on Judges

    A hot new trend in the world of law: websites that turn the tables (benches?) on the judiciary, by placing judges rather than litigants under the microscope. First there was The Robing Room, which bills itself as a site “where judges are judged.” And now there’s a great new resource called Judicial Reports, published by […]

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