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[Ed. Note: Eliza Gray is a new writer for Above the Law. She graduated from Harvard and after a six month stint in Brussels covering European Union politics at the European Voice, she moved back to New York to pursue a journalism career. She and Kash will be alternating Morning Docket responsibilities.]

* Hit my car baby, one more time. Today, jurors will continue to deliberate Britney Spears’ driver’s license case, which began last year after she hit a car and ran. If convicted, Spears could start singing behind bars.[Associated Press]Britney Spears.jpg

*Scary thought: Obama and McCain are “forming squadrons of lawyers who are filing challenges and preparing in case Election Day doesn’t settle the contest for the White House.” Legal battles have already begun in Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.[]

* In addition to Friday’s bombing in Georgia, a lawyer in St. Louis was injured when a briefcase bomb went off in a parking garage. Police do not yet know if the attorney was an intended or unintended target of the blast. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

*Alaska’s Supreme Court will weigh in on the ‘Troopergate’ case this week. The court will decide whether or not to release the results of the investigation spurred by allegations that Sarah Palin abused her powers as Governor to get her brother-in-law fired.[]

*US attorney Michael J. Garcia and New York attorney general Andrew M. Cuomo are working together to investigate trading in credit-default swaps.[The New York Times]

Dahlia Lithwick Slate Senior Editor.jpgWe spent a fair amount of time last week in lovely Charlottesville, Virginia, where we spoke at the University of Virginia Law School (coverage of our talk appears here and here). We spent lots of quality time with UVA Law students — at dinner, at a karaoke bar, and walking around the beautiful grounds.

One of the highlights of our trip was attending a luncheon talk by the fabulous Dahlia Lithwick, who has covered the Supreme Court for Slate for the past ten years (and who also served as a celebrity judge on ATL Idol). Despite suffering from a nasty flu, she delivered remarks that were hilarious and insightful, shedding much light upon media coverage of the Court.

Read more, after the jump.

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tatts on a lawyer.JPG* Now that the debates are done, it’s time for the dance-off. [MiniMovie]

* Somebody broke into David and Victoria Beckham’s house, but they left the mojo. [Popsquire]

* Nageley, Meredith & Miller attorney suggests waterboarding Barack Obama. At last night’s Al Smith dinner Obama revealed that he was actually from Planet Krypton so everything should be okay. [Legal Blog Watch]

* … but Republicans in New York are facing a lot more than internet threats. [Politico]

* Do you like your lady lawyers to have tatts? [Corporette]

Dechert logo.JPGWe really don’t know why everybody is so certain that Dechert is laying off a massive number of people. 20, 50, “nearly 100 attorneys,” no number seems too high or outrageous to post in the comments when it comes to Dechert’s “stealth” layoffs.

Clearly the firm is going through some kind of reorganization process, but there haven’t been any official “layoffs” since March.

But with all this smoke, there is bound to be a little bit of fire.

Read Dechert’s official response to the rumors after the jump.

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beer pong rules.JPGA new study commissioned by an undisclosed top 25 law firm suggests that neither a law school’s ranking nor a student’s GPA is a great predictor of an attorney’s long term success in Biglaw:

Law school rank and GPA were only moderately predictive of success, the study found. In general, one of the study’s authors, Ron Paquette, tells the ABA Journal, “The Harvard attorneys do not perform any better than those at the 30th-ranked law school.”

Of course, that makes sense. Given that many HLS students have based their entire sense of self-worth on going to Harvard, it’s obvious that graduates from WIlliam and Mary can’t hope to compete with … wait, what? I don’t under … ow. Worldview. Melting.

The study also identified attributes that were detrimental to success, and some were “counterintuitive,” the study summary says. Ron Paquette [one of the study's authors] disclosed one of them–foreign language proficiency. He says the study recommended that the law firm should not give “extra credit” to those job-seekers who can speak another language.

Merde! Ce rapport est mauvais.

More productivity indicators after the jump.

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Chumbley Douglas expose.jpgA Florida juvenile court judge is embroiled in a scandal we don’t quite understand. Judge Douglas J. Chumbley resigned yesterday, according to the Miami Herald.

Here’s the puzzling reason why:

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Douglas J. Chumbley resigned Thursday after he was accused of exposing his genitalia in a Starbucks bathroom stall at the University of Miami.

Isn’t exposing your genitalia the natural thing to do in a bathroom stall?

There must be some piece missing in this puzzle as Chumbley, 51, is stepping down and will not fight the misdemeanor charge for indecent exposure.

Accused of indecent exposure, Miami-Dade judge resigns [Miami Herald]

Will Work for Food 2 Above the Law blog.JPGIn case you haven’t been paying attention, the economy is bad. People are losing their jobs, firms are cutting back on summer programs, and some firms are dissolving.

If you are a 2L sitting on multiple offers, could you please — for the love of God — accept one of them already, so the spots you don’t want can be filled by other candidates? At this point, in this market, it is just common courtesy.

And it might be in your best interest as well. The career services office at U. Penn Law School sent around a letter to students today, urging them to make a decision:

We recommend that you do not wait until the expiration of the offer to render a decision. Additionally, in this market, we advise that you seek an extension for an outstanding offer only if you fall under the public interest exception or have truly extenuating circumstances that justify your need for more time. Indecision does not qualify as a legitimate reason for an extension. …

Wednesday, we learned that one of your 2L colleagues had their offer for employment rescinded before the expiration of the offer because the firm experienced a higher than usual acceptances from outstanding offers and had to close their class immediately to prevent over subscription thereto.

If you are sitting on an offer, you might find that your offer has been rescinded by the time you’ve made up your mind. We’re getting (unconfirmed and highly speculative) reports to ATL that multiple firms have extended more offers than they intend to honor and that slots will be given on a first come, first employed basis.

Accept now!

Read the full Penn letter, after the jump.

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You Kids Screw Around Too Much”

Ohio GOP stopped by Court.JPGThe Supreme Court ruled today to stay a restraining order requiring Ohio to verify thousands of voter registrations by today:

The Supreme Court appeal by [Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer] Brunner, a Democrat, said many mismatches will appear for trivial reasons. She said Wednesday that as many as 200,000 of Ohio’s 660,000 new registrants this year could be affected. She said her office was working to comply with the order but was turning up glitches in the matching process.

The concern was that some voters would be denied their right to vote for reasons as insignificant as typos.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

In its brief decision, the Supreme Court said the U.S. District Court in Columbus should not have granted the Ohio Republican Party’s request for the restraining order. The Supreme Court said the order wasn’t justified because the Ohio GOP was not sufficiently likely to prevail in its argument that the lower court was authorized by Congress to enforce a section of the federal Help America Vote Act in a lawsuit brought by a private citizen.

Supreme Court Sides With Ohio Election Official [WSJ]

There was an explosion at McCamy in Georgia this morning, according to published reports.

Apparently there have been injuries but no deaths. The police have a suspect in custody:

District Attorney Kermit McManus said he believed the bombing stemmed from a bitter lawsuit.

We hope everybody is safe.

Injuries in blast atlaw firm; man questioned [MSNBC]

Scarlet Pumpkin Sign.jpgTrue story: when I was 8-years-old living on Long Island I went trick-or-treating with my friends without adult supervision. On the way home, my bag full of goodies, I got jumped by a group of older kids. My “friends” were busy running away while I tried to “reason” with the bullies. Sensing the these boys were not going to listen to rational arguments I took my faux briefcase (I was going as Ted Kennedy) and knocked one of the bullies right on the temple. Unfortunately, they were many and I was 8. No candy for me that Halloween.

Since then, I’ve always considered it amazingly stupid for parents to let their kids gambol through the night unattended. It’s a pagan holiday and bad stuff can happen.

If more parents followed this basic safety tip, the sign to the right would not be necessary. Our friend at f/k/a explains:

[It's] the sign that sex offenders must display at their homes in Maryland this Halloween. According to the Times, the bright orange pumpkin is the symbol sex offenders “are required to post on their doors with a warning, in capital letters, to trick-or-treaters: ‘No candy at this residence’.” In addition to posting the sign, the offenders must stay at home, turn off outside lights and not answer the door. Some states prohibit sex offenders from decorating the outside of their homes. But, Maryland is mandating this colorful and “attractive” Halloween decoration.

I’m sure many people can appreciate the practicality of not having your kids sidle up to a convicted sex offender’s house on All Hallows Eve. But should people who have ostensibly “paid their debt” to society be forced to decorate their house because some idiot child might come around begging for food?

More analysis after the jump.

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K&L Gates to Nickels and Dimes

KL Gates logo.JPGJust yesterday we told you about K&L Gates’s seemingly strong position despite this depressing economy. We even included a quote from firm chairman Peter Kalis crowing about his firm:

We have no debt — no long-term debt, no short-term debt — and therefore have a balance sheet that allows us to grow aggressively into a downturn

If that is all true, why would the firm go cheap on the small stuff? One tipster reports:

Last week, the firm switched to cheaper bathroom supplies. The TP’s flakier than a box of Kelloggs. The paper towels dissolve on touch; you’ll know a K&L Gates lawyer by the paper-mache hands. I won’t even mention “the stink.” Smart associates bring chewing gum.

Is there any way to reconcile “top flight law firm” with “unsanitary working conditions?”

After the jump other “perks” K&L Gates is taking away.

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1081067_dumbbell.jpg* Fired U.S. Attorney David Iglesias speaks out against the DOJ’s ACORN probe. [Talking Points Memo]

* Judges in China refuse to take lawsuits over tainted milk. [Associated Press]

* They may cause rashes. And brain cancer. But we still love them. [Reuters]

* Grand jury investigations for Lehman, in New York and New Jersey. [CNN Money]

* Pfizer settles its painkiller suits for $894 million. [Wall Street Journal (subscription)]

* 24 Hour Fitness hates poor people. [Courthouse News Service]

* David Lat was in Charlottesville this week talking to UVA law students about job hunting. He advised going off the beaten track. [Virginia Law]

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