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Barack Obama small Senator Barack Hussein Obama Above the Law blog.JPG* Obama is getting lots of funding love from lawyers, with Kirkland & Ellis in the lead. Law folks have given $21 million to Obama, and just $7 million to McCain. [Forbes]
* Deposed Thai leader Thaksin Shinawatra skipped out on bail and is relocating to England, because he says he can’t get a fair trial in Thailand. [Associated Press]
* The story behind the Edwards sex scandal story. [New York Times]
* Congress to tackle legislation dealing with online privacy. [New York Times]
* MoFo is the law firm behind the Olympic Games. [The Recorder]
* Former New Jersey first couple is officially divorced, and “in the end, the whole gay thing didn’t matter.” [The Star-Ledger]

Elizabeth Halverson small Judge Elizabeth Halverson Liz Halverson Above the Law blog.JPGThis just in, from a West Coast tipster who has been following L’Affaire Halverson obsessively:

Halverson passes out at hearing; adjourned due to medical reasons. Based on live observations…

Update: More details from the AP:

A disciplinary hearing for a suspended Nevada state judge has been postponed, after she reported she felt ill.

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline suspended the hearing in its fifth day after Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Halverson’s lawyer said the diabetic judge experienced a hypoglycemic, or low blood sugar, episode.

The hearing is due to resume next Thursday and Friday in Las Vegas.

Further Update: More from our Halverson-obsessed tipster, after the jump.

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John Edwards Senator John Edwards ATL Above the Law blog.jpgLast month we named John Edwards, the legendary trial lawyer and former presidential candidate, an honorary Lawyer of the Day — “honorary,” because we didn’t view the reports of his alleged conduct to be sufficiently substantiated (even by our admittedly loose standards).
But now that Edwards has admitted to cheating on his cancer-stricken wife — he points out, in his defense, that her cancer was in remission when he started the affair — we’re making it official. Congratulations, Mr. Edwards.
P.S. Edwards denies, however, that he is Rielle Hunter’s baby-daddy. He claims the affair ended too early for him to be the father of Hunter’s baby girl, Frances Quinn.
Edwards Admits Sexual Affair; Lied as Presidential Candidate [ABC News via Drudge (of course)]
Earlier: Lawyer of the Day: John Edwards?

Vault logo law firm rankings career guides.jpgThis morning we brought you a special sneak preview of the 2009 Vault law firm rankings (to be released in full on Tuesday, August 12, over at the Vault website). We passed along two compilations: (1) firms ranked 26-50 by prestige, and (2) firms 11-20 on the “best to work for” list.
Now, as promised, we bring you the balance of the rankings: firms 1-50 by prestige, and all 20 of the “best to work for” firms.
Check out the lists, plus comment from Vault law editor Brian Dalton, after the jump.

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(Part 2 of 2)”

Job of the Week Lateral Link ATL logo.gif
Tax attorneys are all the rage, with in-house and law firm opportunities for 2008 JDs and up. The Job(s) of the Week highlight some of the best of these opportunities. These are in New York, but Lateral Link has similar positions in other cities as well. Lateral Link’s $10,000 signing bonus applies to the positions below. If you are not already a Lateral Link Member, you can apply at
Junior tax attorney – The New York office of this top 25 law firm, well-known for its quality of life, is seeking junior tax associates. They will consider 2008 law school graduates to start immediately (including those who may have had their start dates pushed back at other firms). For more information, please see Position 6074 on Lateral Link.

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ATL Idol Above the Law Idol AboveTheLaw Idol smaller.jpgSee below. You know what to do.
Voting for round 2 will end on MONDAY, AUGUST 11, at noon (Eastern time). The two contestants with the fewest votes will be eliminated, and the remaining two will duke it out in the final round.

Earlier: Prior ATL Idol coverage (scroll down)

LEWW champagne2.jpg
This installment of the wedding watch is a bit of a hodge-podge. We’ve got old people, Communism, Skadden, HLS, organized crime, a SCOTUS connection, and a midriff-baring bride. But the common thread, as always, is lawyers in love (though not necessarily with other lawyers; there’s just one dual-JD pair in this group).
Here are this week’s nominees:

1. Deborah Ellis and Hal Strelnick

2. Rachel Hershfang and Wesley Williams

3. Katherine Wagner-McCoy and Jacob Goldstein

4. Andrea Connor and Evan Hudson

More about these envy-inducing newlyweds, after the jump.

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ATL Idol Above the Law Idol AboveTheLaw Idol smaller.jpgHappy Friday! You know what that means: time to hear from the celebrity judges in ATL Idol, the “reality blogging” competition in which you will select the next editor of Above the Law. And time to vote, when the polls open later today.
Your judges need no introduction, but for the record:
ATL Idol Judges AboveTheLaw Idol Above the Law Idol panel.jpg

  • Ann Althouse, Robert W. & Irma M. Arthur-Bascom Professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School, and author of her eponymous blog, Althouse;
  • Tom Goldstein, head of the D.C. litigation practice and co-head of the firm-wide Supreme Court practice at Akin Gump, and founder of SCOTUSblog; and
  • Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor of Slate (where she blogged at Convictions), author of two books, and a contributor to the New York Times and the Washington Post (among many other publications).
    See what they have to say about the contestants this week, after the jump.

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  • avatar Sophist ATL Idol.jpg[Ed. note: This post is by SOPHIST, one of the finalists in ATL Idol, the "reality blogging" competition that will determine ATL's next editor. It is marked with Sophist's avatar (at right).]
    Thanks to all who participated in rounds one and two of the Lionel Hutz Invitational. Today we crown the most unrealistic fictional attorney of the past 18 years (subject to other completely arbitrary disclaimers and conditions, stated and imaginary).
    The finalists share one thing in common; they represent clients far dumber than they.
    Congratulations to readers’ choice winner LeBron James. He played LeBron James on brain steroids in the popular commercial, entitled “I’m pretty sure we can get idiots to purchase water with food-coloring in it if we call it Super-Water.”
    Vote in the final poll after the jump.

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    Vault logo law firm rankings career guides.jpgReaders, we bring you some very exciting news. Just in time for fall recruiting, the folks over at Vault are releasing their highly influential — indeed, authoritative — law firm rankings. The rankings, along with informative and interesting write-ups of the ranked firms, will be available in Vault’s law guides. (Vault’s Guide to the Top 100 Law Firms is basically a Biglaw job seeker’s Bible.)
    The official release date for the 2009 rankings is this coming Tuesday, August 12. But the Vault crew kindly offered Above the Law an exclusive preview of the new list, consisting of the top 50 firms for prestige and the 20 firms rated as “Best to Work For.” Obviously we wet ourselves just a little bit enthusiastically accepted Vault’s offer of an early look.
    Check out the first half of the ATL preview — firms ranked 26-50 by prestige, and 11-20 on the “best to work for” list — along with explanatory commentary from Vault law editor Brian Dalton, after the jump.

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    (Part 1 of 2)”

    I Divorce U text message.jpg* Happy 8-8-08. The Olympics kick off with the opening ceremony in Beijing today, chosen because “8” is a lucky number in China. Good luck with that pollution. [BBC News]
    * Bin Laden driver, sentenced to five and a half years, has only a half year left to serve. [New York Times]
    * Before Facebook sued the German social networking site StudiVZ (short for Studentenverzeichnis) for copyright infringement, it tried to buy it. [International Herald Tribune]
    * Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick spent last night in jail. [New York Times]
    * White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet Miers really don’t want to testify before Congress. [Washington Post]
    * A hijab is not part of the Abercrombie and Fitch look? [MSNBC via Jezebel]
    * Audio dispatches from the R. Kelly trial. [Slate]
    * Another ruling approving divorce by text message under Sharia law, this time in a Malaysian court. [Post Global]

    burka burqa burkha burqha.jpg* More on everyone’s favorite topic: OCI! How to bring up the pro bono question in your on-campus interview. [Lexis Hub / BBLP]
    * Some news from our ancestral homeland (we’re imagining Stifler’s mom, in a burqa): “Supreme Court stops homeland deal with MILF.” [Southern Appeal]
    * Law school faculty as free agents — good for the profs, but not for the law schools? [Tax Prof Blog]
    * Bad grandma! [Associated Press via Drudge]
    * An interesting use of a claw hammer. [Quizlaw]

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