In the past few months, we’ve had some extensive bathroom coverage here at Above the Law. From bathroom naming rights at prestigious law schools, to proper bathroom etiquette for dropping a deuce at the courthouse, it seemed like the potty humor would never come to an end. But honestly, we never thought that we’d have to talk about having sex in a toilet stall.

But as a man in New Orleans has allegedly proven, sometimes you just need to get down on the floor of the men’s bathroom at the courthouse and plumb a girl’s drain….

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In the past week or two, our bathroom coverage has exploded. We’ve written about a law firm and a law school experiencing toilet shortages, a law school that has a sense of humor when selling naming rights to its bathrooms, and a law firm that wants its employees to follow proper restroom etiquette.

Do we talk too much about bathrooms? Well, not necessarily. Think about it this way: how much time does a person spend over the course of a lifetime in the bathroom, engaged in excretory functions?

(By the way, that’s a great management consulting case-study interview question. Try to answer it if you can; put your reasoning and calculations in the comments.)

If you’re tired of the toilet humor, stop here. But if you want to see a funny sign from a courthouse bathroom, keep reading….

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Stay safe, Atlanta.

There was a bomb threat this morning at the Fulton County Court complex. The threat was deemed credible enough to place the courthouse on lockdown for an hour this morning. But the court has reopened and everybody appears to be safe. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

The sheriff’s office issued a “shelter in place” order at 11:41 a.m., directing everyone to interior rooms that are away from windows, [Fulton County Superior Court spokesman Don Plummer] said.

Fulton sheriff’s deputies, along with other law enforcement officers used bomb sniffing dogs to inspect the three-building complex, Plummer said.

Authorities believe the threat was made to disrupt a gang trial taking place at the courthouse today…

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