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    Morning Docket: 03.16.11

    * Sorry Wisconsin, but Judge Sumi’s going on vacation, so you can take your bargaining rights and stick ‘em where the sun don’t shine. Man, I hope she’s going to a place where the sun does shine. [Wisconsin State Journal] * An NBA referee is suing a sportswriter over a tweet made during a Timberwolves/Rockets […]

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    Morning Docket: 02.16.11

    * Criminals and foreclosure victims subject to criminal mortgage rates now have something in common in New York: guaranteed legal representation. [New York Times] * Not getting your fill of Broadway injuries from Spider-Man? Then Billy Elliot’s got a deal for you — tickets now come with a complimentary face smash worth $4M. [New York […]

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    Morning Docket: 02.02.11

    * A Florida lawyer says he’s a psychic who can commune with the dead. Maybe he’ll be having a chat with his legal career soon. [WFTV Orlando] * How can crazy cabbies avoid lawsuits from crazier passengers in New York? “Cabs shouldn’t pick up women.” Duh. [New York Daily News] * Obamacare might be dead […]

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    Quote of the Day: Subprime Documentation

    The record in such cases, although voluminous, often fails to precisely reflect the relationships between the parties and to include the documents (particularly with respect to who owns the loan) that are necessary to evaluate the claims. Such failures are a disservice to both the parties and the court, and, in other circumstances, may undermine […]

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    Morning Docket: 12.30.10

    * In the new economy, new strategies are necessary in hiring law firms. A new paradigm is upon us and we must think outside the box. Synergy, people. Consultants are here to help. [New York Times] * David J. Stern, Florida’s Foreclosure King, is the gift that keeps on giving. Like syphilis. [Palm Beach Post] […]

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    Quote of the Day: A Hierarchy of Shadiness?

    Until recently, foreclosure defense would have been considered the lowest of the low — below the divorce guys, below ambulance chasers. — Roy Oppenheim, a veteran foreclosure defense lawyer in Florida.

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    Randy Quaid Seeks Asylum From ‘Hollywood Star Whackers’

    As we mentioned in Morning Docket, Randy Quaid, notable character actor of questionable talent, is on the run. The star is apparently seeking asylum in Canada. He and his wife Evi skipped out on a California court date for allegedly squatting in their former house. Apparently the Quaids are afraid that more than a court […]

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    The Rundown: This Week in Legal Technology – 10.15.10

    This week, in between eating as many burgers with extra onions as I could at Rogue States, and lobbying heavily for my law school to be more like Harvard and hide their GPAs (in my case, I was really hoping they could implement that retroactively), I managed to collect lots of good material for this […]

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    David J. Stern, the Florida Foreclosure King, Is Under Investigation — and Doing Layoffs

    Back in September, we wrote about David J. Stern, “Florida’s Foreclosure King,” who earned our Lawyer of the Day title for his ascendancy from the fourth tier to the lap of luxury. At the time, we sang Stern’s praises. Stern, a graduate of South Texas Law, employs 900 people, made $17.8 million in 2008, owns […]

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