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  • Nerf - TABLOID - Executed  Mailman Grass - PRINT THIS

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    Non-Sequiturs: 04.27.12

    * The Am Law numbers are out. PPP is up 3 percent. Dollar, dollar bill y’all. [American Lawyer]

    * Hasbro — the makers of Nerf guns, a.k.a. the best toys ever — apparently hired some Baker & McKenzie attorneys to intimidate a guy who runs an Australian Nerf fan site. I hope they “intimidated” him with Nerf guns, because it would be funny, and no one would actually get hurt. [Crikey]

    * At 85 years old, Congressman (and Georgetown Law grad) John Dingell learned that “teabagging” doesn’t mean what he thinks it means. Better late than never! [The Daily Dolt]

    * I’m surprised that there are enough businesses horrible brave enough to ask for potential employees’ personal electronic information that it necessitates legislation. But I’m not complaining. [RedTape / MSNBC]

    * Finding out that repeated concussions and head injuries may cause long-term brain damage is only surprising to people who have suffered repeated concussions and head injuries. [LexisNexis]

    * A 14-year-old Georgia girl and her parents have sued some of her classmates because they acted like bitches on Facebook. Are these girls bullies? Yep. Is it the proper solution to turn the situation into 90210: Courtroom Edition? I still don’t think so. [Threat Level / Wired]

    * Support local businesses, like your high-end neighborhood brothel. The Manhattan Madam is now accepting donations… to help her make bail by Mother’s Day. [Dealbreaker]

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  • Kim_Kardashian_Blue_Dress

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    Morning Docket: 04.12.12

    * The EEOC suit against Kelley Drye was brought “for a reason.” You hear that, Biglaw? Other firms with mandatory retirement policies better take a look at their partnership agreements and make some changes. [Am Law Daily]

    * Media whore lawyers unite! Cheney Mason of Casey Anthony fame has come out of the woodwork to support George Zimmerman. Still waiting on vital impressions from Gloria Allred. Oh wait… [Naked Politics / Miami Herald]

    * Just think, maybe if Planned Parenthood of Texas had taken Tucker Max’s money, they wouldn’t be suing the state for banning their organization from the women’s health program. Nah, they’d still be suing. [Reuters]

    * Georgetown Law is planning to launch an executive education program, but don’t worry, they’re not going to be competing with Harvard. They know they’re the safety school in this scenario. [National Law Journal]

    * Love will definitely make you do some really crazy things, like watch The Expendables. Or allegedly commit a murder-suicide because your husband might’ve had an affair. Things like that. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

    * Kim Kardashian’s dubious defense of the day: “I’m Armenian and hairy.” The only-famous-for-her-sex-tape star is trying to use that as an excuse to get a lawsuit over a hair removal product dismissed. [Fox News]

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  • decision choosing different paths

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    The Decision: Georgetown v. Texas v. UCLA — An ATL Debate

    As we move deeper into spring, more aspiring law students will have to make up their minds about matriculation destinations. Today we’ll look at the case of a student who’s choosing between a trio of very fine schools. Where should this person go?

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  • Georgetown University Law Center (known for its great gym).

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    Quote of the Day: Hey, At Least He’s at a ‘T14′ Law School

    You shouldn’t go to law school, right? Well, here’s a counterargument: what else are you going to do with yourself? Class of 2011 college graduates are suffering massive unemployment.

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    Morning Docket: 03.15.12

    * Building bridges instead of burning them: a new Republican strategy that just might work. Thanks to this Senate deal, 14 federal judicial nominees will get confirmation votes before summer. [Legal Times]

    * According to this survey, Biglaw firm leaders are wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to the economy and current business conditions. That said, where are the spring bonuses? [Am Law Daily]

    * A jury found Virginia Tech negligent in its handling of the school’s 2007 massacre. The administration will probably appeal, but it’d be nicer if they just appeased the victims’ families. [Wall Street Journal]

    * Want a tenure-track teaching position? Just sue. Nicholas Spaeth’s age discrimination suit against Georgetown Law will proceed, much to the school’s chagrin. [Thomson Reuters News & Insight]

    * Kim Kardashian + boobs + lawsuit = water cooler fodder for lawyers. [New York Post]

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    Morning Docket: 03.05.12

    * Apparently the Roberts Court is unusual in that its elite members lacked opportunities to gain “the most critical judicial virtue: practical wisdom.” Yeah, right. Tell that one to the Wise Latina. [Washington Post]

    * In the wake of the contraception controversy, Rush Limbaugh apologized for calling Georgetown 3L Sandra Fluke a “slut.” He’s so very, very sorry… that he lost some of his advertisers. [The Caucus / New York Times]

    * The powers that be in Massachusetts have decided to show law bloggers a little bit of respect. Now they’ll get to cover judicial proceedings like real, live journalists — press passes and all. [Metro Desk / Boston Globe]

    * Pornography: now with ten percent fewer HIV infections! A Los Angeles city ordinance requiring porn actors to wear condoms during filming will be taking effect today. [L.A. Now / Los Angeles Times]

    * After making two other DWI arrests disappear from her record, former Bronx ADA Jennifer Troiano pleaded guilty to drunk driving last week. It looks like the third time really is the charm. [New York Daily News]

    * New York newlyweds allege that Glamour Me Studio Photoshopped their heads onto naked bodies. Groomzilla Todd Remis must be glad that his wedding photography woes weren’t so graphic. [New York Post]

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  • sandra fluke rush limbaugh

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    Why You Shouldn’t Call a Woman a ‘Slut’ on the Eve of Women’s History Month Because She Uses Contraceptives

    March 1 marked the first day of Women’s History Month. And as we noted for our readers, Rush Limbaugh began his celebrations a day early by calling Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown Law student who testified before a Congressional committee on the need for access to birth control, a “slut.” Needless to say, people are outraged about Limbaugh’s comments. Because really, who wouldn’t be? Let’s take a look at what Fluke had to say in response….

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  • s-RUSH-LIMBAUGH-large

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    Quote of the Day: You’s a Ho!

    “What does it say about the college co-ed Susan Fluke [sic] who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex — what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute.”

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  • Which law school helped her land a fabulous Biglaw job?

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    Best Law Schools for Getting a Biglaw Job (2012)

    Which law schools excel at sending their graduates into jobs at large law firms, i.e., Biglaw? Check out the National Law Journal’s annual ranking of the top 50 law schools by the percentage of 2011 juris doctor graduates who took jobs at NLJ 250 firms.

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  • The vehicle of the alleged victim.

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    Possible Criminal Charges for a Criminal Law Professor

    Just because you teach the law doesn’t mean that you’re above it. We’ve written in the past about prominent law professors accused of domestic violence and soliciting a prostitute, for example. Today we bring you news of another law professor who could be in trouble with the law. He’s accused of reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. The allegations, if true, are surprising. The professor in question teaches at a top law school. Who is he?

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  • Samyr Laine (via Getty Images)

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    Some Sightings of the Elusive Lawyer Athlete

    There are still a few legal types out there who take care of their bodies, and we’re not just talking about Reema Bajaj. We’re talking about lawyers who are actual athletes. It’s a rare breed, but today we’re going to take a look at two of them. One is an Olympian, while the other is just a record-breaking weekend warrior….

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    Staff Attorney Claims Discrimination at Quinn Emanuel

    We’re starting to think that staff attorneys are being discriminated against because they are staff attorneys. A racial discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Quinn Emanuel by a former staff attorney. We’re not sure if racism really fits into Quinn’s work hard/play hard firm culture. We feel like the only color Quinn cares about is green….

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    Are Male Lawyers Getting Less Attractive?

    Are male lawyers and law students getting uglier? Whether male lawyers are decreasing in attractiveness seems subjective. But there’s actually some evidence that the men of the legal profession are 66 percent less hot than they were last year….

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  • Guns / Firearms

    Breaking: Georgetown Law Campus On Lockdown

    News and tips trickled in on Friday about the Georgetown University Law Center campus being put on lockdown because of an armed man on campus. What happened, and was the armed man ever apprehended?

    70 Comments / / Sep 30, 2011 at 1:41 PM
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    Lawyer of the Day: Georgetown Law Grad Pulls Trigger, May Have Shot Career In The Foot

    A prosecutor in Miami recently resigned from his job, amid controversy. What did he do to get himself in hot water?

    88 Comments / / Jul 19, 2011 at 11:16 AM
  • Email Scandals, Sports, Vicious Infighting

    This Is Why Law Students Shouldn’t Play Sports

    You might think that watching law students play sports would be like watching U. Conn. and Butler play basketball. You know, undersized, intense people playing in an ugly and painful style. You’d think that watching law students play a pick-up game of 21 would be indistinguishable from watching Butler unsuccessfully try to throw a ball […]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 03.23.11

    * Were you skeptical of all the law schools reporting to U.S. News that the median private-sector starting salary for their graduates is $160,000? Forbes explains why your skepticism is warranted. [Forbes via Constitutional Daily] * On a related note, if you want to be a millionaire, you should definitely go to college. Law school? […]

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    Musical Chairs: Georgetown Associate Dean Named New Dean of Richmond Law

    The past few weeks have brought lots of news on the law school dean front. Last week, Chapman Law selected a former congressman as its next head. Earlier this month, Pepperdine Law picked up a judge as its latest leader. Today the University of Richmond School of Law — a top 100 law school, per […]

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