Non-Sequiturs: 03.26.15

Jobs questions* WMU Cooley Law School wants you to know the legal job market is BOOMING! Never change, Cooley. [Cooley Law School Blog]

* The NCAA expressed its concerns with Indiana’s new religious discrimination bill. Somehow the NCAA has the moral high ground. Huh. How did that happen? [Washington Post]

* Judge grants motion to extend time… in verse. [Western District of Texas]

* Do you love pre-1972 rock? So does satellite radio! Because it’s all about love and rebellion and not paying copyright royalties. [Managing IP]


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Morning Docket

Morning Docket: 03.26.15

Green California Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.* If you thought Squire Patton Boggs would be able to meet its projection of $1 billion in combined revenue after its merger, you’d be wrong. If you thought the firm would be able to meet its projection of having more than 1,500 lawyers after its merger, you’d also be wrong. [National Law Journal]

* Use this slideshow to compare how California law schools are doing in terms of job placement. Stanford was on top, and Golden Gate was dead last. Bonus: If you strip out school-funded jobs, the numbers look even worse. [Sacramento Business Journal]


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Non-Sequiturs: 03.25.15

florida-state-outline* Dildos and cock rings. Just another day for the Eleventh Circuit down in America’s wang. [Southern District of Florida Blog]

* Everything you need to know about today’s Alabama redistricting decisions from Professor Rick Hasen. It’s a longer and more nuanced way to say “Pyrrhic victory.” [Election Law Blog]

* The Supreme Court is way eloquent. [Lowering the Bar]


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