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The Stanford Law Escort: And She Lived Happily Ever After

Cristina Schultz.jpegAfter we briefly mentioned Cristina Leeann Schultz, a.k.a. the Stanford Law escort, in our post yesterday about the summer-associate-turned-stripper, we wondered: Whatever happened to her?
Thankfully, one of you anticipated our curiosity, did some research, and sent us this update:

[Y]ou missed the “happy ending” (hehe) to the Cristina Schultz story. AskJeeves founder and millionaire David Warthen — who has since filed an implausible claim in the forfeiture proceeding that the money is actually his — left his wife and kids and married Schultz. The forfeiture case was settled last August; court records don’t indicate the amount of the settlement, but I imagine a FOIA request (or enterprising web-journalist) might tell us something…

Very interesting — perhaps we’ll be following up on this.
For those of you who can’t get enough of Christina Schultz d/b/a “Brazil,” additional details — including racy excerpts from the government’s complaint in the forfeiture case, and a link to Cristina’s old website — appear after the jump.

Here are some choice excerpts from the government’s complaint in United States v. $36,260 in U.S. Currency (N.D. Cal. No. 04-cv-2862-SI), located by our industrious tipster:

6. Since at least August 2001, Cristina Schultz (hereinafter “Schultz”) has engaged in the operation of an interstate prostitution business. Schultz promotes her prostitution business, in part, through the use of the internet. Utilizing the stage name/alias “Brazil,” Schultz advertises her business services on various websites that cater to the services of escorts (nationwide)…

7. Schultz also advertises her services on two websites that are registered to her — and In December 2003, law enforcement agents accessed information regarding the rates Schultz charged for her services on her website. According to the website, Schultz’ rates were $1,250 to $1,300 for two hours, $2,200 for four hours, $3,000 for six hours, $5,000 for overnight, and $15,000 for three days. Two girl appointments are also available in San Francisco or Atlanta. Those appointments require one and one half hour minimum for $1,500 , or $2,000 for two hours. The minimum rate for new clients in San Francisco is $950 for one and one half hours. Schultz’ website also stated that she only makes a maximum of two appointments per day while traveling, and she requires a deposit of 15% via PayPal in visiting cities to secure her time.

Over a thousand bucks for two hours? Only partners at top law firms charge north of $600 an hour!
Schultz’s sites are no longer active, but the archives are available here. Check out the intro to her site:

Hi, and thanks for taking a few moments to visit my site. The quintessential Gemini, I am an unusual mix of well-educated good-girl and erotic-Bachian-sensualist, with some down-to-earth sweetness thrown in. I am sure you will never forget any time you spend with me and I look forward to meeting you soon.

The Stanford Law escort: she’s just like us. A quintessential Gemini!
Back to the complaint:

8. Between April 2003 and January 2004, an undercover law enforcement agent … accessed 82 reviews posted by customers who had utilized the services of Schultz (under her stage name of Brazil). In each of these reviews, the customer reported having sex with Schultz. The reviewers also revealed that they generally paid for Schultz’ services with cash. Schultz provided services to clients throughout the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York, Manhattan, Chicago and Seattle. Investigating agents interviewed one of Schultz’ clients who admitted that he paid Schultz for sex in May 2002.

9. In a posting dated April 12, 2003, Schultz posted information about herself in a section referred to as “High Dollar Hotties.” Schultz entitled her posting “newfound freedom after giving up law.” In the message, Schultz describes how she completed her “jd/mba at Stanford”, “owed over 300 thousand in loans”, and “I quit my job and put my smiling face on eros.” Schultz then wrote “I have paid off 100% of my loans, and I have tried to send a positive message to SF escorts re: assumptions about the nature and social status of women in the business.” …

So this is where the term “high dollar hotties” comes from — it’s a coinage by Schultz. And once again, something else we share in common: “newfound freedom after giving up law.” Except we’re not raking in six-figures through provision of sexual favors.

12. In September 2002, a law enforcement agent conducted trash searches of garbage removed from the then residence of Cristina Schultz located [in] Palo Alto, California. Among the items recovered was a discarded law book containing $2,400 in cash (all $100 bills), bills/invoices from out of state (Washington D.C.) hotels, business cards in the name of “Brazil”, airline flight information evidencing frequent interstate travel, condoms, …, financial records and statements, tax records, invoices for large cash purchases, and an admission card for the July 2001 California Bar Exam.

That last detail is priceless. How many “high dollar hotties” could defend themselves pro se with any measure of competence?
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