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Bonus Envy: Behold the Banker Bucks

pile of cash or money Above the Law Legal Blog.JPGWe’re getting close to that time of year again: bonus season. And here at Above the Law, we’ll be following associate bonus news very closely. Please share all your bonus news and rumors with us, by email (tips AT abovethelaw DOT com).
But before you get all excited about the extra $25,000 that might be headed your way, we’d like to put things in perspective for you. Our big brother, DealBreaker, reminds us that if were only after money — and not crappy at math committed to lofty ideals of justice — we picked the wrong profession.
When some little snot-nosed associate from Goldman Sachs calls you up at 2:00 a.m., demanding some draft document from you ASAP, think about this: He’s not just your client; he’s also much richer than you. As DB points out, this year the average Goldman employee will take home $658,946 — including an average bonus close to $400K.
Yes, GS is at the top of the pyramid; but the other investment banks pay their people pretty well too. Check out the average compensation figures for various Wall Street firms by clicking here. And to see what more senior bankers (e.g., managing directors) are taking home, click here.
Happy Wednesday!
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