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McInnes Cooper Canadian Law Firm Student Recruitment Video

“Put Life on Your To-Do List and consider McInnes Cooper. In a nation-wide survey, McInnes Cooper was rated by its associates as one of the top firms to work for in Canada.”

You’ve got to give McInnes Cooper credit for using real lawyers in their video, unlike Allen & Overy.
The video has two story lines interwoven; a serious look at the firm and comedic episodes of the prospective student interview. Does it work?
They’ve got comments disabled on the YouTube page for the video, so it’s hard to know what the feedback might be from students they’d like to recruit. I suppose the agency that produced this video must have run it by some focus groups.
I think the firm comes off looking good in this one. And the interview scene where the lawyer takes a hair blower to the student’s… I won’t spoil it for you.
Anyway, you’ve got to give McInnes Cooper full marks for closing the pitch with a real hot Asian associate giving the ol’ “come-on and call me” in French!

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