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Maximilia Cordero: Maybe Not a Man – and Ready To Prove It

Maximilia Cordero small Jeffrey Epstein Dealbreaker Above the Law blog.JPGThe story of Cordero v. Epstein — the lawsuit filed by an aspiring model against prominent Wall Street financier Jeffrey Epstein, alleging that he took advantage of her when she was underage — gets weirder by the day.
The New York Post reported that the model, Maximilia Cordero, was actually born a man — one Maximillian Cordero, b. 1983. Cordero then sued the Post, filing as an exhibit with the court a birth certificate showing she was born a female. A number of you questioned the document’s authenticity, pointing out various irregularities. And such skepticism made sense: Cordero, despite filing the birth certificate with the court, is not including the Post’s claim that she’s a transsexual in her lawsuit.
But even if it may not be the gravamen of her complaint, Cordero still wants you to know she’s not a tranny. From a statement that William Unroch, her lawyer / roommate / possible ex-boyfriend, sent to the Daily Intelligencer (via Gawker):

Ms. Cordero will be happy to attend a televised nude settlement conference or celebrity charity benefit nude tea party with Rupert Murdoch and Lucifer Carne [a reference to Post reporter Lucy Carne] if the NY Post feels this would clear up the matter. Both Ms Cordero and Mr. Murdoch can appear nude and state their positions on this matter of grave public concern.

Hmm… Time for an ATL field trip?
More insanity, after the jump.

Bill Unroch also explained why Cordero is not suing based on that whole “is she or ain’t she a she” thing:

As to why we are NOT suing on the gender issue. My review of the case law on Lexis Nexis finds no cases where a woman collected any damages for being called a man or vica versa [sic]. On the other hand there are hundreds of successful lawsuits where victms [sic] have sued for being called a “slut” and a “thief” which is what happened here.

Furthermore having represented many minorities I find the Post’s hate campaign outrageous. Every gay, transgender, and straight person should be disgusted by it. We have spoke [sic] to many of these organizations and hope they will join us in attacking the Post for discrimination. When someones [sic] honesty and sexual promiscuity [?] are attacked with forged documents they have a very sound basis for a lawsuit. Their race, creed, color, and gender are not a defense.

After making the offer of the nude press conference, he continued:

I note in the fish world a male and female yellow tang look EXACTLY the same while a male and a female seahorse look very different. Clownfish can change sexes at will. Are we yellow tangs or seahorses or clownfish? Evolution is quite complex. Justice is a lot simpler.

William Unroch, Attorney.

And so is telling apart a man and a woman (we think). Can’t wait for that naked press conference!
‘Ms. Cordero Will be Happy to Attend a Televised Nude Settlement Conference’ [Daily Intelligencer / New York Magazine]
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