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Featured Job Survey Results: Bonuses

So far, we’ve received about 1,000 responses to yesterday’s ATL / Lateral Link survey on bonuses.
So far, we’ve discovered that around 40% of associates receiving bonuses think their bonus is too low, which is just slightly higher than the percentage of associates who think their hourly rates are too high. Coincidence?
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Since over a third of you still don’t know what your bonuses will be, we’re going to leave the survey open for the rest of the week. Please fill it out if you haven’t already done so. To access it, click here.
In the meantime, we’re going to post the national results and breakdowns on a city by city basis. Since we have the most responses from New York, that’s where we’ll start. See the results after the jump.

Our preliminary chart of New York and national averages for base and bonus is below, broken down by associate class. We’ll be updating this daily as more people respond, and adding a new city each day.
So far, the average bonus in New York ranges from around $15,000 for new associates to north of $100,000 for fifth years. The national averages are within $6,000 of the New York bonus scale until fifth year, when they diverge by five figures.
New York bonuses.jpg
Thanks to everybody who responded so far. If you haven’t already filled out the survey, click here to brag about your package.
And if you’d like your city to be added to the chart next, make your case in the comments.

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