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Law School Dean Hottie Speaks Out About Kumari

Kumari Fulbright Facebook Arizona law student beauty queen Above the Law blog.jpgIn an earlier post about the Kumari Fulbright situation at the University of Arizona law school, we noted that the UA administration has been fairly taciturn about the whole matter. Perhaps in response to the community’s desire for more openness, Dean Toni Massaro just sent out an email discussing the matter.
It was forwarded to us by a tipster, who commented:

Can you believe this BS? It is a “welcome back” email from Dean Massaro at the University of Arizona Law School in which she “addresses” the Kumari Fulbright situation. But the Dean doesn’t really “address” anything. The school in effect says nothing at all….

With a [student] (Craig Cordes) who allegedly killed a cop in New York, a “beauty” queen gone bad, and other issues, the school needs to step up and make an affirmative statement that not only addresses these issues directly, but also defends from ridicule the few capable students at the school that have BigLaw jobs.


Toni Massaro small Dean Toni M Massaro Above the Law blog.JPGAZ Wildcat 2L, why are you being so hard on Dean Massaro? Longtime ATL readers may recall that she was nominated as one of America’s hottest law school deans. One of her nominators wrote:

Not only is Dean Massaro brilliant, attractive, and self-assured, she’s also a cancer survivor AND a lesbian. It’s easy to make Advanced Con Law sexy, but how many Deans could get 3rd year students out of bed every morning for an 8 am class and have a packed classroom? Moreover, students just LOVE her Civil Procedure classes. I’m not kidding.

Check out the email from Dean Massaro, one southwestern hottie opining on another, after the jump.

Dear all:
First and foremost, I want to welcome you all back to campus. May you
all have an excellent spring semester. We have many special events
planned for you this spring, and I hope you will continue to make the
most of your time here with us.
On another, more serious front, you may be aware of the allegations
involving one of our students. A few of you have asked about the status
of the matter and we have responded as follows: we are, as many of you
know, under multiple obligations here — our paramount duty to our
students as a body and as individuals, our respect for federal student
privacy laws, our respect for the judicial process, and our duties to
the University as a whole. We are working to meet all of these duties
professionally and thoughtfully, and with proper solicitude for everyone
involved. Our main focus, however, must be — as always — your
education. We will continue to apply ourselves to that end as we begin
a new semester together, and allow the judicial process to take its own
If you have any concerns, please give me a call and I will respond, as
possible. I look forward to seeing some of you in class on Wednesday!
Many thanks,
Dean Massaro
Toni M. Massaro
Dean and Regents’ Professor
Milton O. Riepe Chair in Constitutional Law
The University of Arizona
James E. Rogers College of Law
1201 E. Speedway Blvd.
PO Box 210176
Tucson, AZ 85721-0176
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