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Needed: Pro Bono Representation for the ‘Hardwood Cabin’

Seattle swingers.jpgWhere is the Institute for Justice when you need it? Or maybe the Pacific Legal Foundation?
A libertarian public interest organization needs to defend two victims of intrusive government regulation. From the Seattle Times:

Regan “Draco” Lane-Smith and “Naughty” Nonah Elliston outfitted their six-bedroom rental house with 15 mattresses, bondage crosses and sex swings. They built elaborate sets in their backyard for taking erotic photos. And they promoted the Hardwood Cabin online.

Up to 60 guests at a time came to mingle, sunbathe nude by the pool and have sex with fellow swingers and fetishists, Elliston said. Parties were frequent enough that the couple’s laundry service was cycling through 50 bedsheets a week.

But the couple shut down the sex club last month when they were cited for running a business without a license and threatened with fines of up to $513 a day.

So it was the commercial component that got them in trouble. A post-bar-exam orgy, or some German prison role playing, would have been just fine.
There are legal connections to this story in addition to the licensing and zoning issues. Read more, after the jump.

Was there a business being operated here? The couple claims there wasn’t:

Elliston and Lane-Smith say they’re being persecuted for their lifestyle, and insist they didn’t charge admission. They’re looking for somewhere new to host parties. They say they should have the right to live their lives and use their property the way they see fit.

“We’re happy hedonists,” Elliston said. “As far as I know you’re still allowed to throw a party in your house.”

Elliston, 40, and Lane-Smith, 39, met at a swingers party in Puyallup seven years ago and married three years later. Lane-Smith is a self-employed computer consultant; Elliston does consulting work in the court system.

Maybe the Ninth Circuit? They’re not a prudish crew over there.
And guess who’s coming to orgy?

Elliston counted police officers, nurses and lawyers among her guests, she said. Members were as young as 22 and as old as 80.

Paralegals, associates, partners — all are welcome.

The couple hosted a naked rally for presidential candidate Barack Obama and naked karaoke nights.

Yes We Can… have lots and lots of sex. As soon as we can get the government off our backs. Can someone please pass the lube?
Swingers shut down Des Moines sex club after neighbors complain, city intervenes [Seattle Times]

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