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Is The Market For Toilets Drying Up?

waterless urinal of sadness.jpgKids running for office say the craziest things. Even when that office is for student government at the S.J. Quinney School of Law at the University of Utah.

This election isn’t going to come down to which student candidate will do the best job at providing low-cost outline alternatives to disadvantaged 1Ls. Instead, membership on the Student Bar Association will be based on toilets and tacos. According to one “undecided” at the law school:

I don’t want to sound cynical (okay I do), but in my experience concerning any type of “student government” (which experience is unfortunately extensive), “representatives” don’t really amount to much.

If there power could equal the power they think they have, then that would be something. I’ll tell you what counts for me: tuition costs, book costs, and the fact that there aren’t enough bathrooms in this place. Let’s be serious, the SBA will not build new bathrooms or lower costs. My “representative” may wish to pad their resume with another feather in their hat, but unless you can save me money or time, I understand how limited the SBA’s influence truly is and subsequently couldn’t care less. God bless America…

P.S. You get a taco cart up here for lunch and you’ll win.

Let’s address the last thing first: I was unaware that there were any schools out there still without reliable access to a taco cart. This is America! A taco cart is a law school birthright.

After the jump, we delve into the incredible waterless toilet.

In response to this reasonable clarion call for more toilets and tacos, various Quinney School students chimed in with massive derision:

I am voting for a party planner and someone to do my homework for me! So let’s call it what it is.

One student even forgot what decade we’re in:

Don’t stop believin’
Hold on to that feelin’
Streetlight people, aaaahhh……

waterless urinal of sadness signage.jpgBut then finally one student had the courage to show the world how desperately the Quinney School needs change they can believe in:

I have a simple request to ask of anybody that is sincere enough, pragmatic enough, narcissistic enough or bored enough to get involved in SBA: Please, Please, Please do what ever you have 2 do 2 remedy the ungodly stench that has taken over the Men’s bathroom on the bottom floor, south end of the library!!!

I don’t care how much water we are saving with those gimmicky toilets its not worth it. I think I almost lost consciousness the last time i was in there…In fact I dread going in there. I think flushing toilet’s would be a novel approach but even an air freshener, a fan, an eternal flame…

I am convinced that the Green Peacer who invented such a contraption must have been oblivious to the misery their “waterless toilet” could cause… It is cruel and unusual punishment for a nature process!

The waterless urinal really needs to be stopped. Since time immemorial man has sought out water; and in that water, man has peed. The waterless urinal violates thousands of years of evolution and basic hygiene.

If there is a Quinney School student willing to take on this scourge, they will have my vote as well. Wait … what do you mean I actually have to live in Utah to participate? What kind of bullcrap rule is that?

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