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Congratulations to… Us! A Record Traffic Month for ATL

above the law logo.JPGThe U.S. economy may be going down, down, down — but traffic on ATL is up, up, up. When it comes to your new editor, Elie Mystal, it seems that you like him, you really like him (which is not surprising, since you picked him, through the ATL Idol contest).

In September, Elie’s first full month on the job, the site received a record number of unique visitors (over 325,000) and pageviews (almost 4 million). Congratulations to Elie and the rest of the ATL team — associate editor Kashmir Hill, survey czar Justin Bernold, wedding watcher Laurie Lin, advice columnist Marin, and last but not least, crowd favorite Hope Winters.

More importantly, we extend our deepest thanks to you, our readers. This site would be nothing without you — and your many visits (keep refreshing those browsers), comments (even the nasty ones — a pageview is a pageview), and tips (please keep ’em coming, by email).

Let’s keep on having fun — or as much fun as can be had during these tough times. NY to 190!

(Or, more realistically, NY to the Milbank promise. But that may be wishful thinking. Word on the street is that half a dozen major New York law firms plan lawyer layoffs in the first quarter of 2009. Stay tuned to ATL; we’ll bring you all the latest developments, as they happen.)

P.S. September 2008 was also a record month for ATL’s sister sites, Dealbreaker and Fashionista. Congrats to them as well!

P.P.S. Dealbreaker is actively seeking additional full-time writers. To apply or learn more, see here. Thanks.

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