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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 7.19: Editorial Indiscretion

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The current online front page of the NYT weddings section is worth a click. The head blurb leads with “Despite their differences in age . . . ” underneath a picture of a 20-something bride embracing a “groom” who appears to be about nine years old. “Differences in age,” indeed. Somebody alert Morality in Media! (Of course, when you click on the link, you learn that the real groom is 40-something. Still yucky, but not illegal.)
Our spotlighted weddings this week feature couples who are well-matched not only in age, but in accomplishments. Here they are:

1. Robyn Maslynsky and Paul Goldschmid
2. Stacy Humes-Schulz and Matthew Frazier
3. Courtney Dankworth and Russell Capone Jr.

Read more about these couples, after the jump.

1. Robyn Maslynsky and Paul Goldschmid
(Buy them a pillowcase.)
The Case:
– Excellent Ivy League credentials for this attractive pair. The bride was magna at Penn State, and the groom graduated from Harvard and has a JD and an MBA from Columbia.
– Robyn is an executive director at MorganStanley SmithBarney, where she specializes in mergers and acquisitions for financial institutions. Paul is a research analyst at a hedge fund.
– Paul’s father is Harvey J. Goldschmid, a former SEC commissioner and general counsel and currently a law professor at Columbia.
The Case Against:
– They have a honeymoon registry, but they appear to be going nowhere. Still, you’re invited to give them money.
2. Stacy Humes-Schulz and Matthew Frazier
(Buy them a honeymoon sunset dinner.)
The Case:
– Lots of master’s degrees here. The bride has one in development studies from the London School of Economics, and the groom has two: one in economics and economic history from LSE, and one in modern English literature from University College London. Stacy also has an undergraduate degree, summa, from UPenn and a law degree, cum laude, from HLS. Matthew was summa at Princeton.
– Stacy’s an associate at Wilmer Hale; Matthew’s a project manager for McKinsey & Company.
The Case Against:
– She’s in Wilmer’s DC office; he’s in McKinsey’s Boston office. Long-distance dating can be hot; long-distance marriage is pretty depressing.
3. Courtney Dankworth and Russell Capone Jr.
(Buy them a salad bowl.)
The Case:
– This couple has lovely matching cum laude degrees from Harvard Law School. The bride’s undergraduate degree is from Harvard, cum laude, and the groom’s is from Tufts, summa. (Russell also attended Regis High School in New York City, the alma mater of ATL’s own David Lat.)
– Courtney, who clerked for Amalya Kearse of the Second Circuit, is an associate at Debevoise; Russell, who clerked for Sidney H. Stein of SDNY, is an associate at Davis Polk.
– They met while serving as successive managing editors of the Harvard Law Review, proving that the corridors of Gannett House are conducive to steamy hook-ups as well as presidential cabinet-formation and nerdy mini-scandals.
The Case Against:
– Their picture isn’t great. Their eyebrow alignment is terrible, and Russell’s face is all shadowy. But a tipster tells us that it was “a really lovely wedding.”
The Verdict:
– Their photo might be only so-so, but everything else about Team Dankworth-Capone looks A-OK to us. Congratulations, newlyweds!

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