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The Rundown: This Week in Legal Technology – 10.01.10

Welcome to the latest installment of The Rundown, a review of recent developments in the world of legal technology. Let’s plunge right in.

* Happy Birthday to Clio, a legal technology company that helps to streamline law offices. Clio is officially two years old, which is like twenty years in Biglaw.

* I pick up a lot of information about legal technology on Twitter. Two of the best people to follow in this subject area are Rob Robinson of Orange Legal Technologies and Eric Feistel of Integreon. These guys tweet out a plethora of information on a daily basis. It should be no surprise that in a past life they used to work together for another vendor.

* Another writer who has a firm grasp of e-discovery issues is Greg Buckles of This week he has an interesting post about vendor trends at LegalTech, which — hard to believe — is right around the corner.

More links, after the jump.

* Albert Barsocchini, assistant general counsel of Guidance Software, posts a small blurb on cost proportionality in e-discovery. The federal courts finally seem to be moving in that direction.

* If I were in China right now, I would so post a YouKu video to my QZone page.

* Mary Pat Poteet, a former DLA Piper litigation support guru, is moving on to become vice president of e-discovery at RiverGlass. The blog EEDUpdate discusses an interview she recently did with The Cowen Group.

* The Legalist’s Roman Fichman reminds us that attorneys are not “widgets,” and he expresses his concern about the “productizing” of the profession by removing the human element.

* Steve Puiszis of Hinshaw wants lawyers not to forget to protect themselves when drawing up a clawback agreement.

* Finally, if you will be attending The Master’s Conference in Washington, D.C., anytime next Monday through Wednesday, please email, and hopefully we can meet up.

Gabe Acevedo is an attorney in Washington, D.C. and the owner of the e-discovery blog, He also writes on legal technology and discovery issues for Above The Law. He can be reached at

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