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Lindsay Lohan’s Courtroom Catwalk: A Photo Essay

Courtroom or catwalk? Perp walk or runway strut? These are the “important” questions that the media has focused on in recent years when it comes to celebrities’ run-ins with the law. Headlines focus not on their underlying criminal offenses, but instead on their couture du jour.

This rings especially true in the case of Lindsay Lohan. From head to toe, LiLo’s courtroom fashion choices are hot-button issues that result in full-length articles in fashion magazines, gossip blogs, and even the New York Times.

When everyone is commenting on your clothing, you know that you’re doing something right (or something very, very wrong). And unfortunately for our favorite Mean Girl, those comments usually aren’t very nice….

Because Lohan has the money to afford teams of stylists and image consultants, you’d think that she’d at least be able to pull it together for court appearances, but you’d be wrong. Linsanity can afford designer fashion labels, but class just isn’t in her budget.

While Lohan’s lawyers won’t comment on her courtroom couture, her style choices have received harsh criticism from Gloria Allred, the queen of feminist glory herself, along with Dewey & LeBoeuf lawyer to the stars, L. Londell McMillan.

Allred pulled no punches when talking about Lilo’s attire in an interview with the New York Times:

She walks into court like a movie star; apparently she hopes to be one. If anything, her outfits are alienating. A court wants to feel that the defendant has a proper respect for the gravity of the occasion. I suppose we ought to be grateful that she’s not wearing shorts.

Of course, Allred was referring to one of Lohan’s 2010 court appearances where the flickering starlet arrived wearing jorts and a flannel shirt. What didn’t she wear? A bra.

And in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, McMillan had this to say of Lohan’s fashion fumbles:

You want to show contrition at times, and not be the most stylish flower in the garden. I love Lindsay Lohan. She’s a rebel. But she might want to tone down some of the outfits in court.

Contrition? Please. You’re talking about a girl who goes to court with an “eff you” manicure.

So what kind of courthouse fashion faux pas did Loca Lohan commit this year? Take a look at her 2011 courtroom catwalk appearances (all pictures courtesy of Getty Images)….

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