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Facebook Litigation Continues: A Closer Look at Aaron Greenspan


Aaron Greenspan

In your article on May 14th ( you portrayed me as a hanger-on trying to get rich off of a tenuous connection to Facebook. You also compared me to Paul Ceglia and the Winklevoss twins. You don’t have your facts straight, and the comparison is insulting.

First of all, I already settled with both Mark and Facebook in 2009, which I don’t think you mentioned in your post. See While I certainly won’t complain if I’m ultimately awarded damages in the Mezrich case, your implied assertion that the suit is primarily motivated by money is not even close to true. I sued Mezrich because I’d had enough of listening to his lies and his three-hour interview on C-SPAN in November, 2011 was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Second, what I have to say must genuinely scare Facebook’s lawyers, because they recently resorted to this in an unrelated simultaneous dispute before the USPTO TTAB:

(Yes, we settled, but that doesn’t mean their lawyers will leave me alone. They’re still insisting that they have exclusive rights to the word “FACE.”) You’ll notice that more than half of the pages in this deposition transcript have been redacted by their counsel. This is relevant because among other things, they redacted references to the mere existence of our settlement agreement–to keep reporters like you in the dark, and to ensure that I’m portrayed as…a hanger-on trying to get rich off of a tenuous connection to Facebook. My response to these tactics can be found here:

As far as the Mezrich case is concerned, if you’re really interested in reporting on it, I’d suggest reading my appeal brief, which I just filed (and which is why I’m sending this message to you now). You can find the brief and the appendix here:

I understand why you might be skeptical, but that’s exactly why I filed this suit. I shouldn’t be forced to battle that skepticism all my life.

Lastly, you may be interested in another project I’m working on:

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