Dear members of the BC Law community:

Many of you have probably heard of the recent attempt by National Jurist to provide a new system to rank law schools. After a number of schools pointed out significant flaws with their data, particularly with the use of “student satisfaction” ratings culled from, National Jurist launched a comprehensive review. The magazine has just announced that the ranks of several law schools have been changed as a result. BC Law is among them. The change moves us from #48 to #10 overall.

Rather than see this as any sort of reflection of our true worth, I would like to use it as an opportunity to point out the limitations inherent in any ranking that attempts to compare a diverse and complex group of schools. Although we must recognize that the outside world certainly does pay attention to rankings, we must also be careful not to forget what makes us unique — and we must not lose sight of our long-term goals to strengthen this school for the future in ways that reinforce our unique qualities and meet the challenges we see ahead of us.


Vincent Rougeau
Boston College Law School

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