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JD Match helps law students take more control of their own recruitment and helps them find better jobs. Free for students

Looking for a great job? In this environment it can be tricky. You need every tool at your disposal. If you haven’t heard, JD Match is the first online service that helps introduce law students to law firms and vice versa. It matches law students and clerks to AmLaw firms based on mutual interest. And, get this – it’s free for students (firms pay the freight).

Get discovered by (more) great firms
Member students and clerks have a greater chance of being discovered – even by firms you may not be aware of.

But that’s not the whole story. Just by creating a profile on JD Match, you immediately make yourself visible to law firms that are in the market for the very qualities you bring to the table.

Whenever firms search JD Match for people with your attributes, your profile comes up.

And your chances aren’t restricted to OCI season—firms use JD Match to find profiles like yours all year round.

JD Match can only expose you to more firms, improving your odds of getting a good job.

“You can’t have enough tools to help make the right job match.”
— Member Student

You can find more great firms
JD Match gives you the power to search for firms by size, geographic region and type of firm. You can also search for the many wonderful regional and mid-sized firms that just don’t have the resources to visit all the schools they’d like to due to the expense and increasingly compressed OCI.

And, JD Match gives those firms access to a nationwide pool of candidates, including you.

It was common sense and easy to do.
— Member Student

How does it work?
JD Match’s patent-pending matching algorithm and other, sophisticated never-before available features give you unprecedented control over your part in the recruiting process.

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