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Reconstructing Trial History with today’s technology


The Oklahoma City bombing case
It was one of the most tragic chapters in recent American history: In 1995, the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was destroyed by a truck packed with 5,000 pounds of explosives—setting off a massive investigation, and ultimately the trial and conviction of two co-conspirators.

In this brief, but compelling video, you’ll have the unique opportunity to walk through closing arguments used in the case—reconstructed by the Sanction trial consulting team.

Mike Hahn, senior director LexisNexis® Litigation Solutions and a trial consultant on the original case, takes you behind the scenes in this gripping presentation. All the evidence, videos and documents have been loaded into Sanction® litigation presentation software—and the case has never been more clear.

>>Watch trial history reconstructed

Unlock the persuasive power of our presentation specialists for your next trial
Not every trial is going to have the nation-riveting status of the Oklahoma City bombing trial. But whether it’s a case of hit-and-run or the next trial-of-the-century, even the most experienced litigation team can use a little assistance when it comes to creating a clear and compelling trial presentation.

Cue Smoking Gun file…
With our experienced Sanction trial consultants, your trial team will enjoy seamless, behind-the-scenes technical support. The last thing you want to worry about is video equipment, audio quality, wireless connections or whether or not that “smoking gun” exhibit is going to come up on cue.

Before trial, Sanction presentation experts will scan documents, build your presentation database, load evidence—video files, exhibits, pdfs, transcripts and more. And make sure your presentation is ready for a seamless and compelling argument.

In the courtroom, our tech-saving experts will take care of the hardware and presentation peripherals. Troubleshoot. Make adjustments on the fly. And make sure you look good so you can stay focused on delivering your most engaging and effective presentations.

Battle-tested, court-proven presentation expertise
Our trial consulting specialists bring a wealth of knowledge and practical, hands-on trial preparation experience to help your busy litigation team:

• Scan and manage key documents
• Develop and build your presentation database
• Load evidence, clips and video/audio testimonies
• Fine tune your presentation strategy
• Evaluate presentation hardware and peripherals (monitors, projectors, cables, etc.)
• Create presentations with Sanction litigation presentation software

High-profile, high stakes litigation experience
Our trial prep and consulting expertise includes work on countless high-profile cases and hundreds of millions of dollars in litigation.

• Joseph Hirko v. United States (Enron broadband trial)
• McKesson Corp. v. Islamic Republic of Iran
• Dominion Power v. United States

• The Oklahoma City bombing trial
• The D.C. sniper trials
• The United Nations International War Crimes Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia

Special Offer: Complimentary Trial Preparation and Consulting Services*
For a limited time, you can receive four hours of telephonic Sanction Trial Consulting at no additional charge when you book eight hours. There’s never been a better time our trial presentation professionals to work on your next case.

To see the Sanction trial prep and consulting team in action, be sure to watch Mike Hahn’s reconstruction of the closing arguments in the Oklahoma City Bombing Trial.

>>Watch trial history reconstructed

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