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The Prestige Rewards Program

What if we just gave them money?

That’s how the Prestige Rewards Program was born. We wanted to find a way to incentivize the best attorneys to let us help them in their job search – after all, they’re the ones our clients want to hire.

Associates with top-tier academic and firm credentials. Partners with portable books of business. These are the attorneys our clients are always asking us about; we just had to find the best way to catch their attention.

Earlier iterations of our Prestige Rewards Program involved offers of coordinated handshakes, karaoke duets and home cooked meals – but those never really got off the ground. Eventually we got around to money. What better way to reward the most marketable attorneys for working with us than giving them a portion of the fee we generate for placing them?

That’s the Prestige Rewards Program in a nutshell: if you’re an associate with elite academic and firm credentials or a partner with a portable book of business we’ll give you money if we place you in your next job – up to $15,000 for associates and up to $150,000 for partners and partner groups.

We work with nearly every firm in the market, so we have access to almost every opportunity you hear about. The real question is: if you qualify for the program, what reason do you have for not working with us?

Sure, you could apply to that intriguing job you heard about directly, or through a friend, or reply to the random recruiter e-mail and in turn fail to take advantage of the money waiting for you in the Prestige Rewards Program. You could also pass up your year-end bonus – but why would you?

Our services aren’t limited to existing jobs. We specialize in helping attorneys find the job they really want, not just the job that’s available. Most of our Prestige Rewards placements come from partnering with attorneys who are relatively happy in their current job but open to a move for the “ideal” position. Take the time to tell us what your ideal job is – we will find it for you and give you money once you accept it. It’s that simple.

You worked hard in school. You worked hard to establish your legal career. You earned this. Why not take advantage?

Make the smart choice.

Find out if you qualify today