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Dear ATL-pls hndle copy 2.jpg

About a week ago I was out for happy hour drinks with some people from my firm. I really hit it off with a young-ish junior partner who I hadn’t really spoken to before. He asked me out for drinks and I said yes, but I’m wondering if this entire situation isn’t a disaster in the making.

Do you think I should cancel? By the way, I’m a corporate associate and he’s in litigation, if that changes anything for you.


The Other Wendy Savage

Dear The Other Wendy Savage,

JACKPOT. If all goes well, you’re only two years away from quitting that crappy job of yours and spending your days sitting on a couch watching Guiding Light and eating gummy worms. But before you can live the dream, you’ve got to navigate the rocky terrain of dating both a boss and a co-worker.

If things go badly on the first date, no harm no foul. You’ve scored free drinks, he won’t mention it to his fellow partners for fear of Megan’s Law, and you’ll probably never have to work together. Even if there are no sparks, non-billable time with a partner at your firm may come in handy anyway. I once went on a date with a partner from another firm and I asked about that year’s bonus and whether partnership meetings resemble Priory of Sion rituals.

The problems creep in if you continue dating and then things go south. At that point any attempts to hide your relationship from co-workers will be laughable, and, depending on whether you work in a corny firm, once you’ve gotten to third base you may have to report it to human resources and sign a sexual harassment release. Partners and associates may talk about it behind your back or look down on you, but people have been drinking haterade since time immemorial. If it doesn’t work out between you two, you can always move your desk, lateral out, or date another partner at the firm.

Look, is it risky to go on date with the partner? Sure, but it’s a far greater gamble to date an M.F.A. student (future poverty), a bartender (adulterer), or someone in finance (future poverty). As humble servant of Christ Joel Osteen implied in his Portfolio magazine profile, “God wants you to be rich.” And so do I. So do I.

Your friend,


What does Elie think about all this? Find out after the jump.

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Hot for Partner”


* A state agency publicly admonished retired Superior Court Judge John M. Watson for being rude in court, citing a case “in which he repeatedly mocked attorneys.” The agency claims Watson’s actions threaten the “integrity of the judiciary.” [Los Angeles Times]

* A federal judge “opened the first hearing into the government’s justification for holding suspects at the naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.” This hearing was made possible by a Supreme Court ruling in June that Gitmo detainess “can seek their freedom through federal habeas corpus cases.” [New York Times]

* In an effort to keep thier son on life-support, parents of a 12-year-old boy with brain cancer will take the Children’s National Medical Center to court. The hospital argues that keeping him alive is unethical because he has “no brain activity,” but his parents, Orthodox Jews, say that is not how their religion defines death. [The Washington Post]

* A jury ruled that the former administrator of Grafton, Mass was not sexually harassing his secretary when he stared at her breasts so often that she had to hold a piece of paper in front of her chest when walking through the office. His doctor said he has an eye condition, lucky guy. [On Point]

New attorneys for the next administration.JPGNew lawyers to lead the nation are sending in their résumés. Already, UC Berkeley School of Law Dean Christopher Edley has received a choice position as part of Obama’s transition advisory board. (I wonder if he’s accepting resumes from his students?)

Here’s an interesting choice for Edley and the rest of the transition team that will be picking the next Solicitor General. According to the Legal Times:

No woman has ever served as solicitor general, but a number have been mentioned as candidates for the job in an Obama administration. Stanford Law School professors Kathleen Sullivan and Pamela Karlan and Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan are possibilities, as well as Morrison & Foerster partner Beth Brinkmann and MetLife litigation counsel Teresa Wynn Roseborough.

They could also be considered to lead of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, which produces legal opinions on complex matters for the attorney general and the president. Lawyers who have held both positions have gone on to become Supreme Court justices. Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes and Justices Stanley Reed and Thurgood Marshall were solicitors general. The late Chief Justice William Rehnquist and current Justice Antonin Scalia once headed the Office of Legal Counsel. That experience could come in handy should one or more Supreme Court justices step down in the next four years.

Speculation has also centered on prominent African-American attorneys who may be ready to step forward:

Valerie Jarrett (Stanford, Michigan Law): Jarrett is a longtime Obama adviser, who’s now one of three people heading his transition team. She told the WSJ that blacks won’t be pigeonholed into “historically conventional” roles, such as secretary of housing and urban development or assistant attorney general for civil rights.

Other high profile positions after the jump.

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Winston Strawn LLP logo Above the Law blog.JPGWinston & Strawn is expanding with the help of Heller refugees. A tipster reports on the latest internal Winston communication:

[We] are extremely pleased to announce that the firm has added a number of former Heller Ehrman attorneys who will greatly enhance Winston’s practices and international presence. Winston has acquired three partners in Hong Kong from Heller and Heller’s international trade group in D.C. In addition, we welcome Joe Armao, a well-known environmental litigator, as a partner in our San Francisco office.

In Hong Kong, we are joined by capital markets and M&A partners Simon Luk and Michael Phillips and commercial litigation partner David Hall-Jones. Subject to local regulations*, these partners will be supported by additional associates and other professionals. Winston is also pursuing and fully expects to expand its presence in Asia with one or more offices in mainland China, likely to be in Shanghai and Beijing. We have begun the application process for this expansion. More details will follow as they become available.

In Washington, we have added four high-profile international trade partners: William Barringer, Daniel Porter, Christopher Dunn and James Durling, as well as associates Valerie Ellis, Matthew McCullough, Yu Li, and Ross Bidlingmaier. The international trade group will be supported by a number of non-lawyer trade professionals on the ground in Beijing.

Core practices primarily affected include complex commercial litigation, international arbitration and cross border deal-making capabilities. The firm has expanded materially in 2008 with the opening of the Charlotte office in January, the addition of prominent lateral attorneys to our existing offices and practices throughout the year, and this most recent expansion to Asia.

A press release will be available tomorrow morning on An office page for our new Hong Kong location will be posted as well and will include address information and profiles of our new group.

We expect to take over existing Heller office space only as necessary. A full integration effort is underway; please take a moment to welcome our new team.

Regular readers of ATL will not be surprised by Winston capturing some top Heller talent.

Recent history after the jump.

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Obama foot in the door.JPG* The end of white supremacy? [The Volokh Conspiracy]

* Can managing partners learn something from future COS Rahm Emanuel? [What About Clients?]

* There were many successful female judges on Tuesday. [Ms. JD]

* Is law professor apathy one reason Prop 8 passed? [The Shark]

* You know what they say, the hardest part is getting in. [Ridiculum]

Texas bar results.JPGThey weren’t supposed to be released until Friday, but Texas has gone ahead and posted the “winners” of the July 2008 Bar Exam.


Passing the bar is God’s way of saying “be careful what you wish for …”

Earlier: Exams! Results! Northeast Corridor!

Prior ATL coverage of Bar Exams.

Spitzer evades charges.JPGNo charges will be filed against Eliot Spitzer for his participation in a prostitution ring. According to the Wall Street Journal:

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia said that investigators found no evidence that Mr. Spitzer or his office misused public or campaign funds for prostitution. Federal prosecutors typically don’t prosecute clients of prostitution rings.

I suppose losing your job, your career, and being publicly humiliated is punishment enough. But couldn’t they at least have made him pick up trash in Central Park for 80 hours?

Spitzer’s statement was apologetic:

I appreciate the impartiality and thoroughness of the investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and I acknowledge and accept responsibility for the conduct it disclosed. I resigned my position as Governor because I recognized that conduct was unworthy of an elected official. I once again apologize for my actions.

Anybody want to set the odds for a Spitzer 2012 comeback? Lieberman-Spitzer could lead the Excommunication Party.

Prosecutors Won’t Charge Spitzer in Prostitution Scandal [WSJ]

champagne glasses small.jpg

LEWW is delighted to be back on duty after several weeks away. We won’t bore you with the reason for our absence, other than to say that we were engaged in an endeavor that–like many of the weddings we cover–ended in pain, bitterness, and finger-pointing.

But that’s all behind us now, and we’re excited to catch up on all the fall weddings we missed. Here’s the first set (more to come tomorrow):


Sarah Hyman and Andrew Washkowitz

2. Lauren Sudeall and Michael Lucas

3. Anisha Dasgupta and Christopher Beauchamp

4. Jay Judas and Peter Dziedzic Jr.

Click on the link below to read more about our featured couples.

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Dear John rejection letter.jpgA job seeker, who had applications for full-time employment pending with many of New York’s major law firms, recently landed a clerkship. So he decided to withdraw his Biglaw applications.

Here’s the letter he sent — in a spirit of playfulness, not arrogance — to one prominent firm:

Thank you for considering me for an associate position at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Your firm’s background and experiences are impressive, and I know that your efforts to find an appropriate associate will be most successful.

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to pursue a position with your firm. If for any reason my needs should change, I will let you know. I sincerely appreciate your firm’s interest and wish your firm success in its future endeavors.


Marty and Herb must be heartbroken, but we suspect that they’ll get over it. Time heals all wounds.

Kramer Levin Natalie Portman Dean Morgan.jpgKramer Levin is going to be a film star. The New York office received notice yesterday that a movie shooting will start there next week.

From: Tortorella, Nicholas J.

Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 11:39 AM

To: All NY

Subject: Movie Shoot at KL

The firm has consented to permit several scenes from “Love and Other Impossible Pursuits” to be filmed in our space. The movie features Natalie Portman, Lisa Kudrow and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Filming is scheduled to begin next week and will take place in 29C – 29L – the north corridor of 30 and office 3027. I know this will present some inconvenience, but we thought that it would add a bit of excitement and fun in an otherwise challenging time. I ask your patience and no, they don’t require any extras, stunt people, walk-on’s or real lawyers!! Filming will take place primarily on Wednesday and Thursday of next week but there will be some activity as early as tomorrow. They chose our space because it conveyed the image of a big, powerful, successful NYC law firm (in spite of our recent plumbing issues). The film will be released next year and the firm will be mentioned in the credits.

In the novel-based film, Natalie Portman will play an aspiring lawyer who “thought she knew what she wanted when she went after the sexy, married senior partner,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan (aka Denny Duquette from Grey’s Anatomy). No plumbing issues for the firm partner: Portman’s character gets pregnant.

Love and Other Impossible Pursuits [Internet Movie Database]

empire of taxes.JPGNew York City mayor Michael Bloomberg could be preparing to raise taxes:

To close budget gaps in the year that starts next July the mayor is thinking about a combination of sales tax increases and income tax hikes.

“Every city agency must push each dollar further,” Bloomberg said. “We’re going to do that and doing that means making hard choices that will not be popular with everyone or perhaps anyone.”

The mayor proposed raising the income tax by either 7.5 percent or 15 percent.

15 percent? Tastes like loss of purchasing power.

If New York associate salaries remain flat (a near certainty) then the incentive to work in NYC is … free Knicks tickets?

These new taxes could push the cost of living in New York well beyond the expenses of living on the International Space Station:

“Increasing the personal income tax would be a disaster for the city,” said Nicole Gelinas of the Manhattan Institute. “It’s hard to overestimate that fact. We’ve already got the highest local personal income tax in the nation.”

And this is of course before you take into account Obama’s planned tax increases on individuals making more that $250,000.

If you’re a mid-level NYC associate, it might be time to consider the legal market in New Hampshire.

Tax Hikes, Budget Cuts In The Works For NYC [CBS]

Christian Legal Society logo.JPGThe Christian Legal Society had their big conference in Washington, DC, but not all of the participants walked away feeling good about the direction of the organization. One tipster reports:

I attended the CLS conference in Washington and was surprised and disappointed by its focus on the culture wars. The law student portion of the conference turned out to be two things. 1. It was a pity party for how Christian groups are so oppressed. (Right, because Jesus’ disciples thought following him was the ticket to getting on Law Review and SBA. Ummm. See Acts 1:1-28:30.) 2. The focus was an “us against them” rallying cry back to the culture war. There was much talk about the “Membership Statement of Faith and Sexual Morality Standards” that CLS chapter board members apparently have to sign, but nothing about compassion and caring that is supposed to mark Christians. See Matthew 25:35-46. At least for those of us who walked out in disgust, it was a very sad thing to witness.

In a follow up email sent yesterday, the Director of the Center for Law & Religious Freedom Christian Legal Society emphasized CLS’s “non-discrimination” policies:

As you will recall, I made a short presentation during the NSLC on Saturday afternoon. I distributed hard copies of the Q&A we prepared regarding the application of nondiscrimination policies to CLS law school chapters. For your convenience, I’ve attached an electronic copy to this email. …

Are you having any difficulties on your campus? Does your law school forbid student groups — even religious ones like CLS — from “discriminating” on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, marital status, or gender identity?

Please let me know. I’d very much appreciate hearing from you. And please let me know if there is anything that the CLS Center can do to serve you.

Blessings in Christ.

How the Christian Legal Society interprets anti-discrimination after the jump.

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Brought to you by The Christian Legal Society”

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