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    Morning Docket: 09.21.15

    * Somewhere in Florida, Casey Anthony can rest a little easier knowing that Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman she falsely implicated in the kidnapping and death of her already deceased child, just had her defamation suit thrown out. [WKMG]

    * Better late than never? The Judicial Conference finally decided impeachment is warranted for Judge Mark E. Fuller, who recently resigned from his position on the Middle District of Alabama’s bench in the wake of his “reprehensible” domestic violence scandal last summer. [WSJ Law Blog]

    * In case you were wondering which Biglaw firms were reaping financial rewards in the race to represent clients in space, Squire Patton Boggs and K&L Gates have both performed at least six figures of work from their mission control centers. [Am Law Daily]

    * Thomas Rubino, a paralegal at Manhattan firm Paris & Chaikin, allegedly forged the names of 76 judges on fake orders to make his life easier at work. Now that he’s facing 234 counts of forgery, something tells us his life is going to be more difficult. [New York Post]

    * Lindsay Lohan’s defamation case against Fox News over comments made on The Sean Hannity Show that she did coke with her mother was dismissed because as Justice Wright noted, “truth is a defense.” He clearly didn’t think LiLo’s claims were fetch. [MSN News]

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    Morning Docket: 07.08.14

    * Squire Patton Boggs has announced the new leadership structure of its lobbying and public policy practice. It’s really no surprise that the head honchos of the group hail from the Patton Boggs side of the recent merger. [Politico]

    * “It’s funny how the Supreme Court reaches down and picks this case.” The most important digital privacy case of our time just happened to be filed by Stanford Law’s SCOTUS Litigation Clinic. Awesome. [San Jose Mercury News]

    * If you’re caught on camera sleeping during a Yankees/Red Sox game, you can probably expect abuse from ESPN announcers. If you call someone an “unintelligent fatty” as an announcer, you can probably expect a $10M defamation suit. [New York Post]

    * “I’m proud to do my job.” Madonna finally rescheduled her jury duty session in New York City, but she was dismissed early so as not to create a “further distraction for the courthouse.” [New York Daily News]

    * It’s been three years since Casey Anthony was acquitted of her daughter’s murder. Let us remember this most amazing voicemail: “CASEY ANTHONY NEEDS TO ROT IN HELL! SHE NEEDS TO DIE!” [CNN]

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    Casey Anthony, Paralegal?

    Is Casey Anthony entering the legal profession? Her lawyer believes she’d make a great paralegal.

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  • Casey Anthony: Who you gonna call?

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    Trials and Error: The Casey Anthony Case

    So what was that Casey Anthony case all about anyway? Here’s a short primer.

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    What’s Casey Anthony Up to These Days?

    Casey Anthony was forced into hiding after her sentencing. But last week, a purported video of the alleged child killer appeared on YouTube. Shortly thereafter, NBC News confirmed that the woman featured was, in fact, the real Casey Anthony. She’s sporting a completely new look that’s reminiscent of a hot librarian. How does it compare to her old look, and what does she have to say for herself?

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    Morning Docket: 08.24.11

    * A law firm in England, Edwards Duthie, believes that everyone is entitled to legal representation, even those who don’t believe in the rule of law. Have fun with Gaddafi; he should be a model client. [Guardian] * An appeals court has ruled that Casey Anthony must serve her probation in Florida. It’s time for […]

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    Morning Docket: 08.12.11

    * Law schools want to make firms interview students in August, and this is news because… wait, is this even news? Aren’t most OCI programs already in August? [WSJ Law Blog] * Just when I thought we could stop caring about Casey Anthony, the Florida DCF has to go and declare her responsible for Caylee’s […]

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    Non-Sequiturs: 07.29.11

    * I’m flying this weekend for the first time in over a year (it couldn’t be avoided). I’ll need to brush up on what rights I still retain during air travel. As long as I acknowledge TSA’s droit du seigneur to my wife, I’m allowed to carry an unopened water bottle on board, right? [Legal […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 05.20.11

    * Should innkeepers with religious beliefs be able to turn away same-sex couples seeking marriage reception venues? [Burlington Free Press] * What are the best law firms in different cities and regions of the country? Check out the Vault regional rankings. [Vault’s Law Blog] * I bet she bites off the next thing he forces […]

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    Morning Docket: 07.19.11

    * Ja Rule, another resident of Lat’s hometown, was sentenced to 28 months in jail, for failing to pay taxes. Rather than making some joke about him not being Always On Time with his tax payments, let’s instead just celebrate the existence of this hilarious picture. [Associated Press] * J. Paul Oetken was confirmed to […]

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    Imagining the Future Legal Career of Casey Anthony

    One of Casey Anthony’s lawyers suggests that Casey, having been exposed to the criminal justice system, might look into a legal career. We imagine what such a career might look like.

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    Voicemail of the Day

    As many of you already know, if you don’t want to use email, you can send tips to Above the Law by text message. The number to use is 646-820-TIPS (or 646-820-8477). That number, which is hooked up to our Google Voice account, also accepts voice mails. We strongly prefer text-based tips, via email or […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 07.07.11

    * Florida gets a lot of flak, but the state seems to be doing something right with respect to defamation lawsuits. [The Legal Satyricon] * “How is law school like the NFL draft?” (Aside from the high risk of getting your brains scrambled.) [Freakonomics] * Let’s “think the unthinkable” about the legal profession in 2020, […]

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    Quote of the Day: Dershowitz Defends the Casey Anthony Verdict

    The verdict in the Casey Anthony case reflected the lack of forensic evidence and heavy reliance on circumstantial inferences. There was no evidence of a cause of death, the time of death, or the circumstances surrounding the actual death of this young girl. There was sufficient circumstantial evidence from which the jury could have inferred […]

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    Casey Anthony: The Sentence

    If you’re still following the Casey Anthony case, she was sentenced yesterday for lying to the cops. She’ll be out of jail in about a week. WHERE’S THE JUSTICE FOR CAYLEEEEEEEEEEE??????!!!!!!!!!

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    Non-Sequiturs: 07.06.11

    * Caylee’s Law would make it a felony for anybody to grieve for their child in any way that doesn’t involve law enforcement within the hour. I trust the libertarian crowd is going to help me point out how this is dumb. [WSJ Law Blog] * Big time antitrust lawyer Christine A. Varney is leaving […]

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    People Email Me Things

    About a month ago, our writer Juggalo Law levied some “thoughtful criticisms” against Jose Baez, suggesting that Baez may have been in over his head on the Casey Anthony case. But after the verdict was in, Juggalo received a missive worthy of being read from “Attorney Baez.” Satire sure is fun.

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    Breaking: Casey Anthony Verdict

    In case you’ve been living under a rock, Casey Anthony was acquitted of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child. Nancy Grace didn’t just have a cow — instead, she gave birth to an entire herd.

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