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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 4.22: Love Is a Battlefield

Once again, the wedding pages were chock-full of lawyers last weekend. Without further ado (because LEWW has other things to post today), here are your candidates for Couple of the Week:

1. Jenny Huang and Roger Hong
2. Melissa Epstein and Jason Mills
3. Celeste Sharpe and Peter Brown

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1. Jenny Huang and Roger Hong
The Case:
– Their academic credentials are stellar: They made their love connection at Harvard, after which they headed to New York–she to NYU Law and he to Cornell Med.
– Jenny is currently clerking for Second Circuit judge Pierre N. Leval.
The Case Against:
– We want to like Jenny and Roger, but they bore us greatly. Memo to LEWW candidates: We’ve moved into high wedding season, and the competition is getting ferocious. In January, you may be able to cite your feeder clerkship and dual Harvard degrees and romp to victory, but these are different times. Gotta step it up!
2. Melissa Epstein and Jason Mills
The Case:
– Melissa and Jason met in Iraq while they were both Marine prosecutors. Their story is so adorable that the NYT devotes extra space to how they shlepped around Al Anbar Province together, courting and court-martialing.
– This pairing has broad ideological appeal. They met while serving their country (Rush Limbaugh whoops!). But what really brought them together was bonding over their shared liberal values (Barbra Streisand does the wave!). In a whopping understatement, Melissa notes that progressive politics are “not the norm in the Marine corps.”
– Since leaving active duty, these soldiers of love been putting their frontline experience to good use at prestigious law firms: She’s at Gibson Dunn and he’s at Morgan Lewis.
The Case Against:
– One of their shared interests is “food.” Not cooking, not “cuisine,” just “food.” (Fortunately, they both also enjoy “exercising.”)
3. Celeste Sharpe and Peter Brown
The Case:
– Celeste was a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while in law school at Stetson. We can only assume her classmates spent a lot of time talking about her behind her back. Check out this list of the Bucs’ current cheerleaders and their occupations. One is listed as a “high school graduate.” (In fairness, we must note that cheerleader-bashers everywhere have been dealt a grave setback by this Houston Texans cheerleader, who is literally a rocket scientist.)
– Unless the NYT is guilty of a rare typo, Celeste is 43 years old! Look at that picture — we’d guess 30, maybe younger. Ponce de León must have been on to something, because this fly Floridian looks like she’s been skinny-dipping in the fountain of youth!
The Case Against:
– Unfortunately, Celeste’s girlish bloom only serves to emphasize the lovers’ age discrepancy (Peter is 60). Their picture is a little disconcerting; it’s as if Princess Leia ditched Han Solo and got with Yoda. Then again, Yoda wasn’t a partner! Adding to the intrigue is the fact that Celeste was an associate at a law firm “until last Monday” and has no apparent plan for future employment. Well-played, Celeste.
The Verdict:
Like Nancy Pelosi, LEWW is all about supporting the troops. A grateful nation salutes you, Team Epstein-Mills!

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