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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch 8.10: Seoulmates

champagne glasses small.jpgLEWW loves summertime. We’re shining the spotlight on four law school graduates this week (well, three and an almost-graduate), and all four are from Yale or Harvard. All that prestige is perfect for a steamy Friday afternoon in August (and if it’s too elitist for you, here’s a cool lesbian-lawyer wedding).
Even better: One of our contestants is a plaintiff in a high-profile lawsuit involving anonymous internet comments! (So comment with care on this post.)
LEWW will be on vacation next week, but we’ll have June/July Couple of the Month polls for you. Regular weekly posting will resume with a double issue on Friday, August 28.
Here are this week’s three finalist couples:

1. Adina Yoffie and Matthew Feigin
2. Brittan Heller and Nathaniel Gleicher
3. Julie Cohen and Jared Strumwasser

Click on the link below for pictures and details on these fabulously credentialed newlyweds.

1. Adina Yoffie and Matthew Feigin
(Buy them a rice cooker.)
The Case:
– Yummy all-Ivy credentials for this pair. The bride was summa at Princeton and has a PhD in European history from Harvard; she was also a Fulbright Scholar. The groom was magna at Yale and has a JD and a master’s in public policy from Harvard.
– Matthew is a special counsel in the New York office of the mayor’s “criminal justice coordinator,” whatever the heck that is.
The Case Against:
– There’s zero mention of any paying job for Adina, so we can only assume she doesn’t have one. Thought experiment for the day: How far down the law school rankings list can one go and still be better off, employment-wise, than a Harvard PhD in European history?
2. Brittan Heller and Nathaniel Gleicher
(Buy them a bath sheet.)
The Case:
– Their backgrounds aren’t all-Ivy, but the undergrad schools are certainly Ivy-equivalent: Stanford for the bride, Chicago for the groom. The newlyweds met as law students at Yale and will be heading to South Korea soon to work on various do-gooder projects as Luce Scholars.
– Brittan is a minor celebrity on the legal interwebs as one of the plaintiffs in Doe v. Ciolli, aka the AutoAdmit cyber-bullying case (this Portfolio article is a good place to start if you haven’t heard of the case; ATL’s coverage is here.). The NYT write-up devotes quite a bit of ink to the case and how it brought the couple closer: He “spent a lot of time taking care of her and making sure she was O.K.” and came to see that “[s]he has this steel in her spine and she believes so strongly in justice.” Awwww.
The Case Against:
– Brittan and Nathaniel met when he visited YLS as a prospective student, and according to the article, his attraction to her was what made him choose Yale. Sounds a bit far-fetched, since 80 percent of admits choose Yale anyway. But then we read that when he got to school, he enrolled in a bunch of clubs to get close to her, including the Latino Law Student Association, “even though he wasn’t Hispanic.” Okay, we get it, dude: You were obsessed.
3. Julie Cohen and Jared Strumwasser
(Buy them a gold chip-and-dip.)
The Case:
– Julie and Jared graduated from Duke, where they met. After some time in New York, they headed north to Harvard, where Julie got a master’s in higher education and Jared’s pursuing a JD (he’s a rising 3L).
– Julie’s authored a sweet, if somewhat pedestrian, how-we-hooked-up story for their wedding website. We’re suckers for lines like “Jared was shy and I was a bit oblivious” and “Gradually, I realized I was falling for my best friend.” (But we doubt she was really oblivious. Women rarely are, and she hardly looks like the oblivious type.)
The Case Against:
– Bridezilla alert! Their website also reveals that they have a 20-person bridal party. We hate seeing things like this, because it almost always means that one half of the couple (usually the groom) had to dig way deep into his pool of friends to “match” the other person’s squadron of BFFs.
The Verdict:
– Three strong couples, but Team Heller-Gleicher notches an easy win on the strength of its two YLS JDs and internet notoriety. Congratulations and bon voyage!

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