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This Domineering Woman Apparently Can’t Take a Professional Spanking

About a month ago, we brought you the story of Alisha Smith, an assistant attorney general from New York who was suspended for allegedly moonlighting as a dominatrix. Her reported sexual proclivities earned her our Lawyer of the Day title, so it wasn’t a surprise when she beat the competition into submission to take September’s Lawyer of the Month title.

Today, however, we have news that our lascivious ligatrix can dish it out, but isn’t exactly a fan of taking it. Although whips and chains may excite her, being on the receiving end of a professional spanking just isn’t as erotic.

Smith and her sexy alter ego, Alisha Sparks, have gone public with some new information that may be shocking to those in the BDSM community….

Has this former dom gone submissive? Smith, who once wielded a paddle during her downtime, now claims that the Attorney General’s Office really turned it around on her when she was suspended without pay. Hey, she might like it rough, but no one likes it that rough.

But instead of standing up to AG’s office, Smith — along with her new attorney, Gloria Allred — held a press conference yesterday to announce that she would be resigning from her $78,825-a-year duties. Allred spoke on Smith’s behalf, suggesting that while Smith may be “dominant in her intimate life,” it “makes her successful as a lawyer.”

Because as we all know, there is a great deal of overlap between careers as a lawyer and as a dominatrix. Bending opposing counsel over during a negotiation is just as satisfying as going to town on an executive in your own private dungeon.

The New York Post has more information on Smith’s resignation:

Famous in the S&M world for her skillful spandex-clad spankings, Smith, while not denying her freaky ways, says she did not make money trolling the dungeons while working for the state’s top law-enforcement official, a job she’s held since 2002.

As we noted previously, a standing executive order prohibits employees in the AG’s office from engaging in extracurricular activities that will net them more than $1,000. So why is she quitting if she didn’t do anything wrong?

Apparently Mistress Sparks is one dominatrix who can’t man up and take a little internal probe.

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