Protesting Justice Scalia at Wesleyan.

Yesterday I wrote about Justice Antonin Scalia delivering the distinguished Hugo Black Lecture at Wesleyan University. In my write-up of Justice Scalia’s remarks, I alluded to campus protests held immediately prior to the speech. These protests, by a group calling itself the “Scalia Welcoming Committee,” were styled “Occupy Scalia” (a somewhat unfortunate moniker, in my view.)

I took some photographs and video footage of the protestors. Check these people out….

As I’ve said before, I’m generally not a fan of protesting Supreme Court justices (whether liberal or conservative). Listening to what these distinguished jurists have to say is far more productive than yelling at them. And if you really must get your protest on, perhaps to tap into the 1960s fun that took place before you were born, there are dozens of subjects more worthy of protest than the Supreme Court.

But look, it’s a free country, and Justice Scalia — the fifth vote in Texas v. Johnson, which struck down bans on flag burning on First Amendment grounds, as he reminded us on Thursday night — supports your right to free speech. He supports your right to wave around a distasteful sign like this one:

Or to chalk the sidewalks with insults like this one (okay, perhaps Justice Scalia doesn’t support chalking, since it’s graffiti that some poor maintenance workers will have to clean up the next day while the rich college kids who wrote it are still in bed):

In fairness, many of the protesters were not college kids….

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