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We Don’t Care About Your Credentials, But That’s Probably Because We Can’t Pay You

Last week, we brought you the “weirdest job ad” of all time. Today, we’ve got a job ad that isn’t nearly as strange, but as our tipster put it, it’s “a bit off.” And our tipster is right. This might not be the weirdest job ad of all time, but it’s probably the most boastful.

With all of the hubbub about unpaid internships, you’d think that legal employers would start showing law students the money — but you’d be wrong. Because when you freely admit that you don’t have any cash, it’s hard to spread it around. Maybe that’s why this law firm is sacrificing applicants’ credentials for free labor.

Let’s check out a “unique posting” straight out of a law school in Flori-duh….

Our tipster calls this a “long, rambling, and pretty ridiculous unpaid internship posting” (and it’s available in full on the next page). It’s definitely long and rambling — in fact, it’s 854 words composed in what seems to be an effort to brag about the fabulosity of a brand new law firm with cash flow problems. But why is it ridiculous?

Here’s part of the opening paragraph:

The Sheskin Firm DOES NOT CARE ABOUT GRADES, LAW REVIEW, MOOT COURT, or ANY HONORS WHATSOEVER. The Sheskin Firm is looking for someone with a solid grasp of criminal law. A dedicated work ethic. At least some experience with criminal law and a desire to succeed. Professionalism and personality come before grades and honors. . . . Dedication means everything and grades and distinction mean little at all.

Joshua Sheskin of the Sheskin Firm DOES NOT CARE ABOUT any of the things you went to law school to accomplish, but he does care about being on television. He’s got cases that are the subject of A&E’s “First 48,” and everything is being filmed. Just think, you maybe might be able to possibly be on television if you land this internship! But if Sheskin’s going to be on TV, he must have some cash to spare, right? Wrong:

I am not offering pay at this time because the opportunity to be so widely publicized, work such huge cases, and be considered first for a job should be enough. I have a second chair for the Murder Case and she is working free, after years in the field, to get experience on such a huge case. Obviously I cannot pay any one yet because the second lawyer on the firm’s biggest case is not being paid.

Sheskin probably isn’t making it rain. Hell, he might not even be making it hail. Sheskin can’t pay anyone — maybe not even himself — but he’s willing to write you an excellent recommendation letter.

If only our economy ran on the recommendation letter standard, then most law students would be rich. Sigh.

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