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Ex-Hooters Girl Says ‘I Don’t,’ So Her Jilted Bridegroom Sues

When you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle to say “I do,” you should probably make sure that your soon-to-be spouse isn’t getting ready to walk — or worse yet, run — the other way.

You may remember that back in March 2011, a jilted lawyer bride sued her ex-fiancé after he dumped her, leaving her to deal with all the wedding expenses for an event that never happened. And as it turns out, according to today’s news, men aren’t the only ones capable of standing up their future mates at the altar.

In a case of love gone bad, consulting firm exec Steven Silverstein alleges that his former fiancée, Kendra Platt-Lee, took his money and ran. Instead of saying “I do,” he was instead forced to say “I sue.”

Let’s take a closer look at the lawsuit — the ex-groom behind it, and the attractive woman who apparently broke both his heart and his wallet….

Silverstein and Platt-Lee started dating in 2008, got engaged in 2009, broke up in 2010, got back together in 2011, and planned to marry on September 22, 2012. Perhaps Silverstein should have known that his rocky relationship with Platt-Lee was not long for this world, but love can make people do some pretty crazy things (things like opening up premarital joint bank accounts).

Here’s the story, from the New York Daily News:

Steven Silverstein

A consulting firm exec who claims his fiancée dumped him just months before their wedding took her to court Tuesday to force her to pay her share of the bills he got stuck with.

Jilted groom Steven Silverstein contends his former flame, Kendra Platt-Lee, owes him nearly $50,000 — including half the $500 deposit he gave the wedding deejay.

Perhaps the best part of all is that Silverstein contends that Platt-Lee, a former Hooters girl, withdrew $54,367.87 from their joint account on the same day that she dumped him by phone. Silverstein claims that almost $20,000 of those funds belong to him. Classy lady!

According to the allegations in Silverstein’s lawsuit (available here), the only reason he opened the joint account with Platt-Lee was because he “contemplated entering into marriage” with her. Too bad this businessman didn’t contemplate the fact that his future bride might’ve been a gold digger:

Also included in Silverstein’s complaint are his demands for Platt-Lee to cough up $28,000 in rent for apartments the couple previously shared, and half of the couple’s $27,000 in nonrefundable wedding deposits, calling them gifts in “contemplation of their impending marriage.”

Platt-Lee, who claims she was “blindsided” by the filing, had this to say:

Kendra Platt-Lee

Reached by phone at her San Diego home, Platt-Lee countered that she thought her relationship with Silverstein ended “amicably.” But she admitted they “don’t really speak.”

“We settled this,” she said. “I don’t owe him any money.”

And by “settled this,” Platt-Lee means that she thought that she had wiped her hands of Silverstein when she returned his $32,000 engagement ring. Now she’s pissed, and she intends to file a counterclaim against her former love.

All’s fair in love and war, and perhaps this is for the best — after all, Silverstein’s claims are the stuff that future groomzillas are made of.

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