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New York Assistant Principal Claims He Was Fired for Refusing to Participate in Gay Foursome Fun With His Boss

Sexual harassment in the workplace is never a fun thing to deal with. Those who have had the unique displeasure of experiencing this kind of unwelcome conduct must constantly be looking over their shoulders, always wondering when the next unwanted sexual advance will appear — or in this case, when the next birthday card featuring a gigantic erect penis will allegedly materialize in their mailbox.

This is what a New York public school administrator claims occurred to him. He has filed a lawsuit against his former superior and the New York City Department of Education, and it is filled with a potpourri of sexual harassment allegations.

Apparently everything’s fun and games until somebody gets butthurt over your alleged refusal to participate in a gay foursome….

The Courthouse News Service has the scoop on this lawsuit born of an allegedly uncomfortable relationship between Frank Farino and John Quattrocchi at PS 43 in Far Rockaway, Queens:

A public school administrator claims in court that his male boss sexually assaulted him in a hotel room after giving him pornography and trying to get him to join a foursome, then fired him for rebuffing the advances.

That’s a mouthful — and it seems that Farino was unwilling to swallow it (how rude!). Let’s take a look at some of the bizarre allegations included in the 21-page complaint, complete with 27 pages of exhibits. (The staff at Courthouse News Service deserve a prize for appropriately saving this file as “SexGuy.pdf” on their site.)

What kind of a “pornographic birthday card” are we talking about? If you really want to know, you can take a look at Exhibit B, which we’ve painstakingly redacted to scale (semi-NSFW):

Woo, you caught yourself a big ‘un there, Farino! Hoping to reel in more of the same, Farino alleges that Quattrocchi “demanded” that Farino accompany him to a gay bar in Las Vegas during a staff development conference to seek out casual sex partners:

What a polite way to say that you don’t bat for the same team. But Farino claims that Quattrocchi didn’t care — days later, according to the allegations by Farino, his boss attempted to make him play catcher by throwing him onto a bed, mounting him, and fondling him so that Farino “felt Quattrocchi’s erection through his clothing.” Yuck.

According to Farino’s allegations, after months of rebuked sexual advances, Quattrocchi fired him. But hey, at least Farino isn’t “tak[ing] it sitting down,” because in his lawsuit he’s seeking punitive damages for sexual harassment, retaliation, and equal protection violations. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be hot for teacher.

If you’d like to see the complaint, you can click through to the next page. Please note that Exhibit B appears on PDF page 27 of the document, in unredacted form, and it is definitely NSFW [not safe for work]….

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