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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Yoga Instructor

Many of our readers are busy Biglaw attorneys, and almost as a rite of passage, many of them have come home from work late at night, showered and gotten completely dressed and ready for the next day, and slept in their clothes for a few hours, if only because they knew they wouldn’t have the time or energy to complete their morning routines before returning to the office.

If this sounds like an enjoyable lifestyle, then more power to you. For others, a more relaxing life beckons each and every day, but only some are brave enough to heed its call. When the art of relaxation summoned this corporate lawyer, she listened, and managed to turn it into a successful business opportunity as the founder of Higher Ground Yoga.

If you’re in search of some zen, this stealth lawyer may be able to assist you….

Meet Kelly Newsome. Before she journeyed on the path to enlightenment and became a yoga instructor, she practiced at Dickstein Shapiro, where she learned an important lesson in work/life balance — that it is “not okay” to be so exhausted every day. But how much money did it take for her to be able to leave the law?

Courtesy of our friends at Bloomberg Law, here’s the video (wherein interviewer Spencer Mazyck asks some very interesting questions about Newsome’s quality of life before and after her decision to leave law behind):

In the grand scheme of things, $50,000 isn’t that much money, which goes to show that you don’t need to put away as much as perfumer John Berglund did — one million dollars! — before exploring an alternative career.

Congratulations to Kelly Newsome on all of her success with her new business. If you’re interested in leading a more balanced life, you can apply to be a student at Higher Ground Yoga. The application can be found here.

Stealth Lawyer: Kelly Newsome, Yoga Instructor [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]

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