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Law School Dean Blames Lazy Students For Terrible Bar Passage Rate

Which law school's bar passage rate has taken a turn for the worse? Read more »
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    Jed Rubenfeld May Be Hot, But His Book Is Not

    Or so says the Wall Street Journal, in a fascinating front-page article about the disappointing sales for the Yale law professor’s debut novel, The Interpretation of Murder. The strikingly handsome Jed Rubenfeld is a con law professor and deputy dean at Yale Law School (as well as a contestant in our Law School Dean hotties […]

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    Cravath: The Changing of the Guard

    We recently passed along the rumor that Professor Kenji Yoshino, one of Yale Law School’s most promising young scholars, might be leaving New Haven for one of the New York City law schools. It’s no secret that Professor Yoshino vastly prefers New York to New Haven. As noted on his website, he already splits his […]

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    Morning Docket: 10.16.06

    * The Ninth Circuit has issued an opinion and order upholding a conscience-shocking 159-year sentence it wishes it didn’t have to affirm. Our opinion is saying no, but our order is saying yes, yes, yes! [Los Angeles Times via How Appealing] * The world of law school rankings used to be so innocent. With all […]

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    Morning Docket: Meet B Clerker

    [Ed. note: Some time ago, we asked for your help with Morning Docket. After reviewing the applications, we’ve selected two delightful writers to handle MD duties. We’re confident you’ll enjoy their most entertaining contributions. One of these writers will be making his debut in ATL’s pages today, and he will nicely complement the existing ATL […]

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    Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: October 8, 2006

    We’re almost caught up here at Legal Eagle Wedding Watch. Today we discuss and score couples featured in the New York Times weddings page of October 8, 2006. Again, a bit of a slow weekend for weddings involving lawyers. Here are the three couples under review: 1. Amanda Biles, Lee Reeves II 2. Katherine Dowling, […]

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