Lawsuit of the Day

Lawsuit of the Day: Debbie Does Disney?

child learns adult games.jpgIt’s a cute story gone horribly wrong. Twenty-eight doe-eyed pre-schoolers and their parents embarked on a field trip to the Land of Make Believe in Hope, N.J.

While they pranced and frolicked at the amusement park, their bus driver passed the time by watching some hard-core porn on the bus. Unfortunately, he forgot to swap out the tape for a Disney movie for the ride back.

From Courthouse News Service:

“As the bus was traveling, the children and adults were subjected to the graphic images and sound of said hardcore pornographic movie,” according to the complaint in Hudson County Court. “The passengers were subjected to this for several minutes before the driver turned it off as a result of the screams and shouts of the parents.

From the “Land of Make Believe” to the land of “make it harder and faster.”

The school is now suing the bus company and driver for damages, claiming that numerous parents took their children out of the school as a result of the incident. Good luck trying to use “the stork” story on those kids.

Oops [Courthouse News Service]

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