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Why Don’t We Just Do It In The Road? Because Pervy Police Workers Might Want the Tape

Kids will be kids, right? And sometimes the exuberance of youth (and copious amounts of booze) leads lovestruck young folks to make unwise decisions — like having sex in the street.

In the old days, a beat cop would throw you in the drunk tank and let you cool off… but, oh, how things have changed in the 21st century.

After watching a soccer match at a pub this summer, one of England’s 17 zillion security cameras caught a British couple doin’ the nasty in the street. An officer was sent to break up the party of two.

But that wasn’t the end of it. A randy police employee allegedly downloaded the file, and now he’s in trouble…

The Daily Mirror has the full scoop (gavel bang: Wired / Threat Level), as well as photos of the couple. They are very… British-looking:

A police control room employee has been arrested on suspicion of downloading steamy CCTV footage of a young couple having sex in the street onto his mobile phone.

Kevin Naylor, 25, and girlfriend Catherine Hughes, 19, were caught in the act just metres from their home in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, after they returned home from the pub.

The romp was captured by CCTV operators in the town centre, who alerted officers and the red-faced couple were arrested.

But yesterday it emerged one operator did more than simply view the x-rated footage.

West Mercia Police confirmed a man in his 40s was arrested over allegations the video clip was shared inappropriately.

I just love how surveillance apologists always say, “You can TRUST us. We swear, we have no interest in looking at naked x-ray pictures of travelers or using security concerns as an excuse to grope celebrities.” But then something like this comes out and everyone is gently reminded that modern “surveillance” is, as South Park would say, possibly just a guy in front of 10,000 monitors jacking off.

This story is particularly interesting for a few reasons: One, this is England we’re talking about. The country is the Babe Ruth of CCTV usage. You can’t leave your kitchen without being on camera in the U.K. It’s great to see the technology being used so inanely effectively. During the Olympics, the county’s closed circuit culture came under scrutiny, some of it relating to the bizarro mascots (which some commentators say were basically giant cameras). In America, at least our government sort of tries to pretend they aren’t interested in constantly watching us (unless we’re at the airport).

I also find it a fascinating detail that the allegedly pervy worker dude didn’t get in trouble for ogling the photos for too long, or accessing them at work when he shouldn’t have. He didn’t even email himself the file. He put them on his cell phone. That strikes me as all kinds of odd. It’s unsettling that someone could just sync his smartphone up to the police computer network and download sensitive files onto a mobile device.

Luckily for the young couple, the video hasn’t found its way online (yet), and the charges against them have been dropped. While embarrassing, it could make for a good story next time Naylor and Hughes go to the pubs.

Couple caught on CCTV having sex in the street… and police control room worker downloads footage onto his mobile phone [Daily Mirror]

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