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Another Legal Eagle on the Upcoming ‘Laid-off’ Edition of ‘The Apprentice’

Earlier this week, we told you to look out for a former Clifford Chance associate — Georgetown Law grad James Weir — on the upcoming recession-inspired edition of “The Apprentice.” We lamented that Donald Trump was providing work to only one unemployed lawyer.

Shortly thereafter, we found out that the Donald had in fact been more gracious than that to the legal profession. He has given work to at least two down-and-out legal eagles. A tipster wrote:

Saw your post about the former Clifford Chance attorney who was cast for this upcoming season of the Apprentice and wanted to let you know there is also a recent Brooklyn Law grad named Mahsa Saiedi-Azcuy on the show. She graduated in 2009 and was actually hired by the Brooklyn DA, uncertain as to her current employment status though.

We look forward to this match-up: Woman vs. Man. Brooklyn Law vs. Georgetown Law. DA’s Office vs. Biglaw.

Plus, Saiedi-Azcuy is hot…

Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy

Says our tipster of Saiedi-Azcuy:

For once a BLS alum isn’t making an ass out of herself (or so we hope) on television.

That must be in reference to Brooklyn law grad Victoria Eisner, whose job-searching and bar-taking is being tracked on MTV’s Downtown Girls.

Saiedi-Azcuy and Eisner do seem to have some kind of connection. Eisner is a member of a Facebook group run by S-A, called Beauty Secrets. Their common interest is beauty.

Saiedi-Azcuy makes an appearance at the 0:17 second mark in the video promo for the show, saying “Nobody is going to stop me.” We look forward to seeing her and Weir go head-to-head. Two unemployed lawyers scrambling for a job could get ugly. We hope to see a Vault ranking throwdown or some kickboxing.

(Weir, by the way, is not the first Clifford Chance attorney to star on the show. Jennifer Massey made it to the finals in Season Two while an associate at Clifford Chance, though she’s since left the firm.)

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